Mount Batur Trekking Tour

Mount Batur Trekking Tour

Mount Batur Trekking Tour

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Mount Batur Trekking Tour

Bali’s beautiful natural landscape is a perfect place to have some adrenaline rush while enjoying the panoramic scene. Visitors can have both in one package, a complete set for vacation. One of the famous outdoor activities is trekking. They have become visitors’ favorite agenda during their trip in the island. Travelling articles and posts on trip blogs have written positive reviews about some Bali trekking destinations.

Mount Batur: One of Tourists’ Favorite Trekking Tour

Bali trekking tours reveal numerous of panoramic, natural spots around the island as the destinations. Mountains are popular trekking destination among outdoor activity seekers. Except the challenging path, the mesmerizing scenery on top is certainly what the tourists seek for. You can also experience an exceptional moment of witnessing sunrise atop while enjoying light breakfast. That is why Bali sunrise trekking around mountains has drawn big attention in tourism.

Before going further about the trekking, let us first know Mount Batur better. It is a hindu ancient mountain which is located at the center of two calderas. Mount Batur is an active volcano, with the first eruption recorded in 1804. After that, Mount Batur has been through some eruption and the last was recorded in 2000. Those eruptions are believed to form the calderas. Inside the calderas, there is a crescent-shaped lake, known as Lake Batur. If you take this Mount Batur trekking trip, you will also have the chance to relax at the Batur natural hot spring by the volcano. These Mount Batur sunrise trekking and hot springs are perfect combination because the hot water will help your muscles relax after the tiring hike up.

The mountain scenery, the lake, and the natural hot spring are not all you can enjoy during the trekking. There, you will find out that the calderas are home to up to ten villages. The locals make a living from agricultures. However, the Mount Batur trekking becomes popular and make tourism as another living for the villages.

As an ancient volcano in hindu-majority island, Mount Batur is among the sacred sites in which we can witness many charming, unique traditional and spiritual values. One of them that lives until today is is Kuban. It is a local cemetery where dead bodies are not buried or burnt. Instead, people place them under a tree. The placement is held after a complex funeral.

Trekking Itinerary And Preparations

The whole itinerary of Mount Batur trekking tour is around 10 hours. For sunrise trekking, prepare yourself to be ready just hours after midnight as the journey begins at 2 am if you start from Ubud. At that time, driver from the tour provider will pick you up. Some include coffee morning before driving right through the starting point. You will be taken there by a comfortable car with AC and fuel. They are already included in the tour cost which mostly around USD 50 / person for private tour. It takes about 0ne and half hour to the starting point.

The hike starts under dark sky. Beside a reliable provider, make sure you do the trip with a trained Mount Batur guide. Although some reviews claim that the Mount Batur track is relatively easy, going there alone is not recommended. Without supervision of a local guide, some accidents and injuries may occur.

The hike generally takes 2 hours for people with average level stamina. It may take longer if you need some extra rest. Do not be discouraged if you did not do the gyms regularly before the hike. It is said that people with all level of fitness. One thing for sure, make sure you are in a good condition. At the peak, all the efforts will be paid off by a breathtaking scenery. During sunrise, you will be amazed by the natural gradation in the sky. Enjoy a light breakfast which is cooked with volcano steam, hot drinks, while seeing the grand nature painting all over you. Make sure you have this Mount Batur trekking trip during the driest days in Bali. Nice weather allows you to stroll around for an hour before going descend back down. You can watch smoke that creeps out of the volcano, monkeys play around the temple, and literally be around clouds.

When going back down, you will feel warmer. The path down takes about the same duration with the hike up. The whole experience is really worth all the money, even more. Be sure you contact a reliable tour provider to manage the trip properly. Bagus Bali Sunrise is one good options worth checking for. Through the web you can find some package selections. The interesting thing is, it also provides Mount Batur trekking for daytime and sunset. Those are obviously solutions for those who have difficulties waking up early in the morning. The scenery is as amazing as sunrise time.

After finding a good provider, do not forget your whole personal preparation. A healthy condition is a must. Despite the friendly track many have said, you have to be certain that you are in a good stamina to minimize the risk of any unexpected incidents.

Prepare all your personal items. Sun glasses, hats, and sunscreen are necessary. Wear comfortable, warm clothes in layer with a comfortable basic under. You will need to take off the layers just to have the basic when going back down as it feel way warmer. Bring a small headlight instead of flash light as you will mostly need your hands free when waking up. You may not have to bring extra bottles of mineral water. Some providers have ‘backpack boy’ that carry those for you. Another essential for comfort and safety is a good outdoor shoes. Make sure you have a pair with a good grip to prevent slipping and stumbling. If you happen to go there during rainy season, a raincoat may needed. Or, ask your provider whether it is included or not.

A camera of your own is advised for this trip. Photography enthusiast will find it obviously amusing. However, you will have many great captures along the way, even if you are not quite good at photography.


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