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Mount Batur is located in the district of Kintamani, Bangli regency, Bali, Indonesia. Mountains with an altitude of 1,717 m above sea level, is the second most active mountain after Mount Agung.

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The journey to the start point of Mount Batur when taken from Ubud takes one and a half hours and approximately 2 hours drive from downtown Denpasar. It would be more appropriate if your previous stay at the hotel adjacent to this mountain. Kintamani area there are many hotels with adequate facilities at an affordable price. It will make your holiday feels more meaningful.

Mount Batur position at the center of caldera, that is so beautiful and stretches with a length of 13.8 kilometers and a width of 10 kilometers. Caldera of Mount Batur is maked by a major eruption since 20.150 years ago.

According to the study, before the big eruption of Mount Batur that occurred elevation reaches 4,000 m above sea level. It is conceivable, if the high mountain is still such a long time ago then we will take up to 9 hours to reach the top.

About Mt. Batur volcanic activity:

Mount Batur is a volcano that is still active until now. Tangible evidence of magma activity of Batur volcano can be seen from the hot springs at the edge of Lake Batur, precisely in the village of Toya Bungkah.
In addition, if you make the climb to the top of this mountain, at the crack rocks you will see a lot of smoke billowing which are waste products of combustion in the bowels of Mount Batur. Smoke coming out of the temperature of about 80 ° Celsius, and by the climber’s crevice in the rocks can be used to boil an egg or a banana.

Since the year 1804 until the year 2000 recorded 26 times Batur volcano eruption. The greatest eruption occurred in 1926, this eruption hoarding nearly 90% Batur village that was at the west slope of the mountain. The eruption occurred from the 2nd of August to 26 September 1926, this leaves black lava that extends approximately 10 square kilometers.

Material from the lava was then petrified and when we travel to Penelokan, black lava scenery of Batur volcano will become evident. Until now, the black stones of lava that the local people used as a material for the foundations of houses, roads, and more.

Mount Batur has the highest climbing activities on the Bali island. The tracks are not so too difficult and the distance from the starting point to the summit is only about one and a half hours, making climbing Mount Batur greatly favored by tourists.

Beautiful sunrise at the summit of mount Batur and are equipped with coffee shops, will make us tired during the trip will be remedied.

In addition to mountain Batur climbing tour, around the mountain is also served other tourist options such as: Cemetery of Trunyan villagge and hot spring lake Batur.

Mount Batur Trekking Routes:

To climb Mount Batur, there are three paths that can be taken, namely:

a. Via Jati temple,
→ This path is the full path of the black rocks. This path is the most widely used by tourists. In addition to requiring the shortest travel time, this path also leads us up to Sunrise Point Area of Mount Batur at this. Many of the tourists who climb only up at this sunrise point.

But if we want to climb up to the summit of this path is less suitable, because of Sunrise Point to the summit very uphill and filled with sand.

b. Via Toya Bungkah
→ Half of this pathway is a solid ground is overgrown trees shade. After passing through the trees, our eyes will be amazed to see the panorama of Mount Abang plus a beauty view of the lake Batur. In this section the track will be more uphill and sandy.

After one hour walk we will arrive at a track full of red rocks but it is not so difficult. Then the track followed by the flat road before we finally reach at the peak.

(At this point is also provided a shortcut to Sunrise Point Area)

c. Via Bukit Mentik,
→ The line is the most rarely used by hikers, because this track requires a longer time. However, this track is suitable for climbing when we want to enjoy the sunset at Mount Batur.

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For you travelers who want to make the climb to Mount Batur, preferably guided by a local guide who already know the ins and outs of this mountain.
That small information or review of Mount Batur Bali, may be useful.




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