Mt. Batur Sunrise Trek & Natural Hot Spring

Mt. Batur Sunrise Trek & Natural Hot Spring

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Mt. Batur sunrise trek & natural hot spring – Mount Batur is one of the natural beauties in the Island of Gods, Bali. Mount Batur is the second highest mountain in Bali, next to Mount Agung, that will tell you that Bali is not only about beaches and glamorous night lives. Bali is also a fun place for hiking lovers and mountain lovers. Mount Batur is an active volcano which is located in Kintamani, Bangli, Bali. Even though Mount Batur has a low altitude, which is only 1.717 mdpl, but the natural beauties owned by this volcano make Mount Batur becomes popular and famous among hikers. Do you want to know more about Mount Batur? This site will give you detailed information about it.

The Tracks of Mount Batur

This second highest mountain in Bali has 2 tracks or hiking trails, which are Toya Bungkah and Pura Jati. But most hikers prefer to take the Toya Bungkah track. The estimated time to reach the peak of Mount Batur is about 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours, depends on your speed. So that for you who want to enjoy Mt. Batur sunrise trek & natural hot spring, you must go to the Kintamani area at least in the middle of the night, depends on the location of your hotel. Then, you must start to hike Mount Batur around 2 AM or 3 AM. So that you do not miss the sunrise view.

Even though some hikers say that Mount Batur is pretty easy to hike and suitable for beginners, the hiking trails are quite capable of making you out of breath. Because the hiking trails are dominated by uphill tracks. However, once you reach the top, all of your fatigue will worth the view. The breathtaking view of Mt. Batur sunrise trek & natural hot spring will swipe away your fatigue. Your eyes will also be freshened by the outstanding view of Mount Agung and Mount Rinjani. Moreover, you will witness the view of vast Batur Lake that forms like a crescent moon. If the weather is clear enough, the clear sky and clouds will be a perfect background for your photos.

Natural Hot Springs Near Mount Batur

After you enjoyed the sunrise view at the peak of Mount Batur, you can make your body relaxed by taking a bath in natural hot springs. Natural hot springs are suitable for you who are getting bored or want to try something else besides beaches during your vacation in Bali. The hot water from the natural spring combined with cool weather will be perfect to end your hiking. You can look for Mt. Batur sunrise trek & natural hot spring. But this site will inform you of the ones that near the area of Mount Batur.

  • Batur Natural Hot Spring

Located in the area of Mount Batur, making the authenticity of the hot water in the Batur Natural Hot Spring cannot be doubted. You are able to take a bath in the lakeside of Batur Lake with the view of Mount Batur that will complete this relaxing activity. Just imagine taking a warm bath while enjoying the spectacular view of the second highest mountain in Bali that you just hiked. The facilities in Batur Natural Hot Spring is pretty complete with 3 hot water pools. One of them is called Floating Sunburn that you can use to lay down. Moreover, there is also a restaurant that offers various tasty meal options. This is why this natural hot spring is one of the Mt. Batur sunrise trek & natural hot spring.

  • Toya Devasya

Toya Devasya is another Mt. Batur sunrise trek & natural hot spring that offers you the pretty view of Mount Batur and Batur Lake. Here, there are 4 hot water pools that you are able to choose. One of them is in Olympic size. Besides, there is also a spa service in order to complete your relaxation. For you who want to get relaxed while enjoying the fanciness of one of the active volcanos in Bali, try to visit Toya Devasya. The location which is not far away from Mount Batur, making it a great place to visit after a hike.

Tips to Hike Mount Batur

Besides the information about Mt. Batur sunrise trek & natural hot spring, this site also gives you several tips that you can follow if you are planning to hike Mount Batur in the Island of Gods, Bali. These tips below are for the sake of your safety and comfort during your hike in the second highest mountain in Bali.

  1. Mark the best time to hike and explore Mount Batur. The best time to do it is during the summertime. Because if you are hiking in a rainy season, the hiking trails will be slippery. Generally, hikers will start to hike Mount Batur at 3 AM so that they will not miss the sunrise at the peak of this mountain.
  2. Prioritize your safety. In every hiking, reaching the peak is a bonus. While the main purpose is getting back safely. This is why if you do not think you cannot continue the hike, do not force yourself. This is also the reason why there is a rule to rent guides. Mount Batur hikers are suggested to be accompanied by local guides for the sake of safety. And our service can provide you this if you want to enjoy Mt. Batur sunrise trek & natural hot spring.

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