Mt. Batur Sunrise Trek and White Water Rafting

Mt. Batur Sunrise Trek and White Water Rafting

Mt. Batur Sunrise Trek and White Water Rafting

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Mt. Batur Sunrise Trek and White Water Rafting

Most tourists will say that the best thing about Bali is its beaches. Well, it is not entirely a correct answer since the island has many things to offer to its visitors such as sunrise trekking and white water rafting. Considering that Bali is a home of several active volcanoes in Indonesia, sunrise trekking will be a challenging thing to do on the island. Meanwhile, rafting is also something worth it that you should try since the nature of the island is really amazing. Find out more about the Mt. Batur sunrise trek and white water rafting in this following article.

What to Expect

There are many interesting things you can get from this kind of tour. This is one of the best ways you can do to enjoy the Island of Gods in different and more attractive ways. To do the Mt. Batur sunrise trek and white water rafting tour, you can either choose to join in a small group or private tour. Though you can enjoy the tour without the companion of a guide, it is not suggested since you will need someone that knows the rafting and trekking route well to ensure your safety. There are many companies in Bali that include the sunrise trek in Mount Batur and white water rafting in their package.

You can simply browse the tour companies and find the one that suitable the most with your need. If you prefer to have a private tour of Mt. Batur sunrise trek and white water rafting, your guide will help you to arrange the schedule so that things will run smoothly. You will be picked up in the hotel lobby by using a car and then taken to the trekking site in Mount Batur early in the morning so that you can catch the sunrise on time. You will find it is very amazing to witness the sun rises from the highest place in Bali. Meanwhile, the white rafting will really pump your adrenaline.

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking

As one of the most active volcanoes in Bali, Mount Batur offers many challenging things to offer to the tourists. The Mt. Batur sunrise trek and white water rafting are one of the most-loved tours when people visit the island for holiday. The mount is about 5,600 feet above sea level lies on Kintamani District. Along with Mount Agung, Mt. Batur is considered to be the most active volcano in the island. The most recent eruption of the mount occurred in 2000.

It usually takes 1 hour and 20 minutes to reach Mount Batur from Ubud and the tourist will have to drive for 30 miles. Meanwhile, you will have to go for 49 miles if you head to the mount Batur from Kuta and the trip usually takes about 2 hours and 10 minutes. Booking the Mt. Batur sunrise trek and white water rafting online will help you to save your time. The best time to do Mount Batur trekking is when Bali enters dry season which takes place from May to September. The other months will be the rainy season in which trekking activity will be dangerous since it is cloudy and slippery.

Mt. Batur sunrise trek and white water rafting tour will need you to have good stamina. Generally, the tourists will need about 2 hours to reach the summit and they have to start in the early morning when the sky is still dark. In addition, you need to make your way up to complete the trekking that entirely takes 5 hours. However, the trip really worths it. The sunrise is exceptionally amazing and you can see hundreds of tame monkeys on your way down the mount. You can also feel the peace and sacred atmosphere around the Batuan Temple located on the slope of the mountain.

Ayung River White Water Rafting

Ayung River is one of the best tourist destinations you should include in your Mt. Batur sunrise trek and white water rafting. The river is located in Ubud and considered to be the longest and widest one in the island. With more than 75 kilometers length, the river offers level 2 and 3 from 6 levels of difficulty acknowledged by Scale of River Difficulty in white water rafting. It means that the river comes with small drops, some rocks, and rough water during the dry season that considered less dangerous. However, the level of difficulty will reach the fourth level when Bali enters the rainy season. This is due to the rise of the water level and the river feature medium-large waves. Thus, better maneuver skill is needed when you want to do the rafting during this season.

The white water rafting in Ayung River requires the tourists to complete 10 kilometers route. Overall, the trip will need about 1.5 to 2 hours. You will find this Mt. Batur sunrise trek and white water rafting in Ayung river amazing since the track is so challenging. You can also enjoy the beautiful scenery along the route.

This Ayung River white water rafting is suitable for all. The water is calm while the streams will make it possible for people of all ages to feel the rafting excitement at the right level. This rafting activity in Ayung River will be perfect for those in 9 to 65 years old. Overall, the Mt. Batur sunrise trek and white water rafting tour will be the best option to choose to enjoy Bali from a different side with our Bali Trekking Tour Company.

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