Mt Batur Sunrise Trek Rain

Mt Batur Sunrise Trek Rain

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Trekking to Mount Batur is the best activity you can do while spending time in Bali. This is because the trekking path is challenging enough. You are able to choose to take the easy or the long route. Actually, you still have to consult with your tour guide especially if it is dealing with mt batur sunrise trek rain. It will be difficult to pass the trek on a rainy day. As a professional trekking service which offers Mount Batur sunrise trekking and tours package, we have some tips for you before starting the trekking so you can arrive at the peak of the mountain safely.

Prepare the Most Important Tools and Items

It is better not to bring all hiking or trekking tools otherwise it disturbs your comfort while going to the peak of the mountain. The best way is learning about the most important things to bring before starting the trekking. In the case of mt batur sunrise trek rain, you need to wear waterproof clothes to keep your clothes dry and comfortable. Just imagine if you have to walk in wet clothes. It will be hard and it makes you exhausted. Besides wearing a waterproof cloth, you also need to wear or bring a warm jacket, camera, and enough cash money. You don’t need to worry because our tour guide will give you the best advice about the things you have to bring during the Mount Batur trekking.

Know the Best Time to Go to Mount Batur    

You also need to know the best time to go to Mount Batur. Commonly, travelers come to Mount Batur in April to September because it is dry season in Bali. Moreover, it is better not to go to Mount Batur from November to March because it is the rainy season. Actually, you can go anytime you want even in the rainy season. The challenge is that you have to defeat the mt Batur sunrise trek rain which is slippery and the time to watch the sunrise. In the rainy season, it is a little bit difficult to see the sunrise on time but you still have a chance to see the beauty of the sunrise in the afternoon. It is not a big problem because we have a professional tour guide which will guide you to find the safest trek to Mount Batur.

Choose an Experienced Mount Batur Trekking Service

In the case that you have to visit Mount Batur in the rainy season, you have to make sure that you are using an experienced trekking service. An experienced trekking service is supported by a professional team, especially a team who know the area well. They know what to do deal with mt batur sunrise trek rain to keep their clients safe and arrive at the peak of the mountain on time. Our tour guide is a professional team and they know Mount Batur well. You can consult about the route you will take with our mount Batur guide to understand what kind of path you are about to pass.

Follow the Itinerary

The best part of using a trusted Mount Batur sunrise trekking service is that they have the best itinerary. The itinerary has been set well so you are able to see the fantastic sunrise on time. Even, if you have to wait, the itinerary helps you to wait for the sunrise in the most comfortable and safe way. Let say, our service supports our clients with a well-managed itinerary. We set the schedule so you can arrive at the peak of Mount Batur at the right time when the sunrise shows its beauty. If you face mt batur sunrise trek rain, our tour guide is not only showing the safest trek but also serving you well. We will serve you with special breakfast such as a banana sandwich, boiled egg, fruits, and hot drinks. Interestingly, the breakfast is made at the volcano with the help of the hot lava. If it is possible, our tour guide will bring you to the crater but it depends on the weather.

Selecting the Right Mount Batur Trekking Package

Our service has some interesting Mount Batur trekking packages. One of possible Mount Batur trekking packages you can take in the case of mt batur sunrise trek rain is a Mount Batur camping tour package. The interesting part of this package is that you have a chance to stay in Mount Batur a little bit longer. You can wait until the rain stops or let our tour guide rescheduled the itinerary. This is a great package where you are not only enjoying the most beautiful sunrise but also outstanding sunset and the best scenery in Mount Batur at night. In this tour package, you will have 2 days and 1-night to explore the beauty of Mount Batur. The tour guide shows you some great places to visit and things to enjoy while spending time in this active volcano while joining the mt batur sunrise trek rain.

Keep Yourself and Your Group Safe

An active volcano mountain is unpredictable. This is the reason why it is better to go there with a guide from the expert, especially if it is your first time to go there. Following a tour guide keeps yourself and your group safe. We have a package for private Mount Batur sunrise trekking tour or Mount Batur sunrise trekking tour for a group. Both of them will be handled professionally so you get everything you need during the mt batur sunrise trek rain.

The point is that you can go to Mount Batur and enjoy the beauty of this active volcano mountain anytime you want whether it dry or rainy season. The most important thing is that you are accompanied by a professional Mount Batur sunrise trekking tour service. In this case, we are ready to set a great mt batur sunrise trek rain so you can enjoy the exploration safely.



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