Sekumpul Waterfall Entry Fee

Sekumpul Waterfall Entry Fee

Sekumpul Waterfall Entry Fee

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Sekumpul Waterfall Entry Fee

Bali has many great places where you can enjoy challenging and fun trekking. Sekumpul Waterfall is one of them. In fact, this waterfall can become the best choice for you who are looking for a beautiful trekking route and amazing goal. Are you interested? Mostly, people will ask about the sekumpul waterfall entry fee before they go to this place. That’s also what you need to know if you want to visit it.

How Much Money Should We Prepare for Entering Sekumpul Waterfall?

Previously, when we went trekking to Sekumpul Waterfall, we need to pay 15,000 Rupiah ($1). That was cheap, wasn’t it? However, this price is only applied to foreign tourist. For the domestic tourist, you can even get a cheaper price, which is 5,000 Rupiah ($0.35). Therefore, if you have local’s friend or you have an appearance that looks like local, plus you can speak Indonesian fluently, you can get this cheaper sekumpul waterfall entry fee if you are lucky.

However, that price was the price we have to pay several years ago. Recently, we receive information that the entrance fee to this waterfall becomes much more expensive. Last year, you need to pay 20,000 Rupiah ($1,5) to enter the trekking route to Sekumpul Waterfall. However, several weeks ago, it said that you need to pay 30,000 Rupiah ($2) per person to enter it.

Yes, it is more expensive. However, if you consider how great the adventure that is waiting for you and the beautiful waterfall at the end of your trekking journey, that’s cheap. In fact, compared to other places in the world, the sekumpul waterfall entry fee can be said the cheapest price you pay for one of the most beautiful waterfalls you can watch.

Things to Remember

Now, after you know how much you need to pay to enter the trekking route to Sekumpul Waterfall, there are also other things you need to remember. One of them is the place where you can pay for this sekumpul waterfall entry fee. It sounds funny and maybe doesn’t make any sense. However, there are many foreign tourists that pay the fee at the wrong place. In the end, they need to pay more just to start their trekking.

When you arrive at the parking area, you can see the place or something like an entrance to the starting point for your trekking. That’s not the place where you pay the entrance fee. There are some people that stand here that offer a guide service and you will be charged for that service. You need to avoid them because they are not the one you need to pay the entrance fee to.

Just ignore them and walk down the windy path. At the bottom of the path, you will find the official place where you can pay the sekumpul waterfall entry fee. Pay it here, and you can start your Bali trekking tour to this beautiful waterfall.

The place where you can pay the entrance fee isn’t the only thing you need to pay attention. You also need to know that you may need to prepare more money to pay fee other than the standard sekumpul waterfall entry fee. For example, you need to prepare the money to pay the parking fee.

Usually, if you go alone, without help from a travel agent or such, you need to rent a vehicle from the place where you stay. Then, you ride/drive it to Sekumpul Waterfall area and park it there. The parking fee for your vehicle previously was free. But, now you need to pay 5,000 Rupiah ($0.35). Sometimes, you need to pay more, because this isn’t the official parking fee.

You may also need to prepare more money for a meal and drink. You can buy it from the restaurant or food stall near the parking area. Just make sure you buy a lot of water because it will be tiring to climb to the waterfall without drinking.

Sekumpul Waterfall Trekking with the Help from Trekking Service

All information about sekumpul waterfall entry fee and other fees that we’ve explained above are only for you who go to this waterfall alone or without using trekking service. Just need to remind you here, you can even spend more than those fee details. Therefore, we don’t recommend you to go to Sekumpul Waterfall alone.

The best way to go to Sekumpul Waterfall is by using trekking service, especially from Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking service. Why? First of all, the package from this company will include all fees that you need to pay, including sekumpul waterfall Bali jungle trekking.

Moreover, you also can get lunch and enough water included in the package. Then, for transportation, they will provide it for you. You don’t need to search for a car or motorcycle rental to take you to Sekumpul Waterfall. Everything is provided by Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking service. But, best of all, you also get a private guide.

The guide will help you to find the best route to go to the Sekumpul Waterfall. They can speak English fluently. So, ask anything that you want to know. They will gladly explain them to you. If you go alone, you won’t get extra information like this.


Basically, the sekumpul waterfall entry fee is cheap. However, you can spend more, if you don’t use the correct method to go to this waterfall. Therefore, do not hesitate to use Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking and get the best journey. Find more about sekumpul waterfalls trekking tour on this website.



  • O7.00 – 08.00 Pick Up your hotel by our English driver with AC vehicle
  • 10.00 Arrive at Sekumpul village then continue trek to Waterfall.
  • 11.00 Arrival at  Sekumpul waterfalls explore surround area and take shower in the waterfalls
  • 13.00 Having lunch at Sekumpul terrace cafe
  • 13.30 Back to hotel or visit to another place such as Bali coffee plantation, Beratan Lake Temple or Jati Luwih Rice Field.



  • 1 PERSON:   USD 90
  • 2 PERSONS: USD 50 / PAX
  • 3 PERSONS: USD 45 / PAX
  • 4 PERSONS: USD 40 / PAX
  • 5 PERSONS: USD 35 / PAX



  • Private car and driver
  • Experienced sekumpul trekking guide (English speaking)
  • Lunch
  • Enough drinking waters
  • Entrance fee to Sekumpul Village and waterfalls.



  • Hiking or sport shoes
  • Slippers
  • Short pants and changes clothes
  • Sun Screen
  • Towel
  • Camera


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