Sekumpul Waterfall Getting There

Sekumpul Waterfall Getting There

Sekumpul Waterfall Getting There

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Sekumpul Waterfall Getting There

Sekumpul Waterfall Getting There – How to Get to the Most Iconic Waterfall in Bali

What comes up into your mind when you hear about Bali? It must be the tropical and sandy beaches of the island. Yap, Bali is very famous for its sunny beaches. But, as the matter of fact, the island still has many other things to offer to the tourists, include waterfalls. One of the most iconic waterfalls in Bali that has attracted many tourists to visit is Sekumpul Waterfall. This tourist destination has a unique view that will remind you of dense tropical forests in Brazil. So, what is offered by the waterfall? And how to get there to Sekumpul?

Where Is It Located?

Sekumpul Waterfall is situated not too far from Sekumpul Village, where the fall’s name is taken from. The village is located in the north of Bali and easy to reach from any parts of the island. Due to its location, you can combine your visit to the waterfall with a trip to Lovina Beach which is only 1.5 hours drive away from the fall. You can also continue your tour to Ulu Danu Baratan Temple from the Sekumpul Waterfall that only needs about 40 minutes to get there. Sekumpul Waterfall getting there? It is easy and there are cars available to rent at only $80.

Why Should You Visit the Waterfall?

Well, there are many reasons that you should visit the Sekumpul Waterfall. Aside from its unusual beauty, Sekumpul Waterfall also comes with a unique form. The fall is actually a collection of seven waterfalls that form narrow cascades. Each of the waterfalls has its own characteristic and different height. The highest waterfall reaches up to 262 feet (80 meters) and offers a wonderful view of a dense tropical forest. To reach the falls’ location, you need to go down hundreds of steep cliffs. The location of the waterfall makes people call it the hidden paradise of Bali Island.

To reach the deep location of the Sekumpul Waterfall, you will need a bit of effort and stamina. However, it is suitable for all ages and you will forget about your tiresome soon after you reach the location since the atmosphere is really great. The trekking itself is somewhat challenging but exceptionally scenic. Plus, it will be an amazing experience to enjoy the fresh water of rocky pool just below the falls and take a dip there. Taking pictures of the beautiful scenery is also something you should not skip when visiting the waterfall.

How to Get There

Sekumpul Waterfall getting there can be started from Canggu and then continued to Lovina Beach first. From the beach, you will need approximately 1.5 hours to get to the waterfall’s entrance by using a car. There are two main entrances that will lead you to the location of Sekumpul Waterfall. Between the two, the one which is mainly known as the southern entrance is the easier way you can take to reach the waterfall’s location. Just right of the main entrance, there will be a Grombon Waterfall with a great view of the dense forest below. Just take a breath for a while and give your feet some rest before continuing the trip. While having a rest, you can take pictures of the amazing scenery there.

Walking down the path for about 15 minutes, you will find the route splits. If you want to get easier access to reach the waterfall, it will be better to take the right side. Following the trail, you will find a bridge with a river below that will lead you to the fall’s location. However, you will need to cross the river directly on foot if you take the left path. Absolutely, it is the harder path to take and riskier especially for you who are not ready with the situation.

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Best Time to Visit

Though Sekumpul Waterfall getting there will need you to spend approximately 3 hours to complete the path, what you will see there is such a reward you deserve to get after your hard work. If you want to see the waterfall’s panorama at its best, it will be better to start your journey early in the morning at about 7 or 8 a.m., giving you a long time to enjoy your visit to the falls. The beauty of the waterfall will escalate to some levels if you visit it during the rainy season, that is from October to March.

All you need to do is just watching your steps since the path will be more slippery in the rainy season. However, it doesn’t mean that your Sekumpul Waterfall Tour when Bali enter dry seasons in April to September will be less impressive. You will get a better compromise by coming to the waterfall in April or May. This is the time when the waterfall’s scenery is at its best and the weather is much better compared to the other months throughout the year.

What to Prepare

Beside the stamina, there are some other things that you need to prepare so that your Sekumpul Waterfall trekking tours will run successfully. Since the path taken will make it easier for you to get wet, you are strongly suggested to use proper footwear. In a certain route such as a shallow river, you might need to walk barefoot. You can opt to wear water shoes so you can cross the river easily. Make sure that you also manage to come to the waterfall site earlier. This is one of the best ways to avoid crowds since more people will come to the place in the afternoon.



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