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Sunrise Trek in Bali

If you wish for a sunrise trek Bali, then, you might want to pay for a service that is offered by Bali Sunrise Trekking Tour. For your information, it is one of the Mount Batur trekking companies that are considered as the best among both domestic and international tourists alike. In order to get a service for Mount Batur Sunrise trekking Ubud, you should opt for this company! Instead of performing Mount Batur sunrise trek without guide, it is better to have someone to accompany since it is safer to do so. Well, let us check out the information about it first, shall we?

What the company is

This company is a thing you would really love if you are a fan of nature. Also, if you love hiking and other outdoor sports, then, you would get along with the company really well since it has everything that you would definitely want. Avoiding the noise of a large and busy city is very effective when using the company’s service as well thanks to its excellent services and tour packages. When you agree to make use of its service (mountain trekking, ATV tour package, etc.), you will be relinquished off anything a city and downtown area offers. You also should not expect any beach atmosphere since that is not the place that the company offers. Instead, a mountain vacation is the thing that you will enjoy when hiring its service and you will be able to relish the beauty of a morning at the peak of a mountain along with a tasty hot coffee, accompanied with soothing warmth of the morning sun.

Some of the services

Since it has been around since a pretty long time, it is no wonder that the company has a good review on Mount Batur sunrise trekking Tripadvisor. Therefore, you should have guessed that there are so many offerings and tour packages that you can choose. However, we will only discuss some of them which involve trekking on the famous Mount Batur.

  1. Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking with a Private Tour

The first of the services that involve Mount Batur sunrise trek Bali is the ones with a private tour. This one works best if you wish for a Mount Batur solo trek since you can trek alone- apart from the presence our guide and driver! This one is one of the better services offered since the experience you would get is unparalleled. There are two types of this service.

The first one is the short service which will bring you to the mountain and you will be brought back to your hotel after it is finished. The second one is like the previous one but with a visit to Mount Batur hot springs. The third one is the long service one since you will be accompanied by the crews until lunch time at Lake View Restaurants. Aside from the full package, both services include a coffee break at the company’s coffee station with a pancake made of banana and chocolate as well with a cup of tea and coffee that are served hot and a breakfast service at the mountain’s pick with banana sandwiches, some cookies, poached eggs that are cooked by using the mountain’s steam heat, fresh fruits, and drinks that are served hot.

Also, do you want to know the name of the springs? The name of the springs is collective called as Toya Devasya. They are so beautiful and are worth visiting to make your body and soul get relaxed. With the company’s service, visiting them after great trekking is no longer just a dream!

  1. Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking with a Shared Tour Group

The next tour option that is offered by the company is pretty similar to the first one. However, though, there are several aspects that make this one is remarkably different. Well, if the previous package is only enjoyed by you and your group, this one is the opposite since you will travel with other people who belong in another group and there will be a couple of them. Well, although this makes the experience less exclusive for some people, taking this package is actually not less interesting since it is way cheaper than the private ones.

You will also need to know that the tour offered by this package will be shorter than the private one since a longer tour will be more difficult to do if there are too many people who belong in different groups. However, you do not need to worry about its quality since the clients’ satisfaction is its priority. Therefore, expect yourself to receive a good service even when you decide to pay for the lowest price available!

Oh, by the way, the coffee break service will be two times instead of one and there will still be a breakfast session too. However, the dishes and drinks offered will be less diverse although the quality is still top-notch.

  1. Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking + Water Rafting

The next one is the variation of the private package but with a bit of a twist. Well, the twist is that you will also have the time to go water rafting at a river nearby. Well, there are two options you can take regarding this package. The first one is the shorter option which is similar to the first variation of the mount Batur Bali sunrise trekking private package but with an option to raft in Ayung River. The second one is akin to the third option since you will be with the crew until the afternoon, but with an option to raft in Telaga Waja River without the option to visit the hot springs. Well, those are some of the offerings from a sunrise trek Bali company, Bali Sunrise Trekking Tour!


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