Tips For Mount Batur Trekking

Tips For Mount Batur Trekking

Tips For Mount Batur Trekking

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Tips For Mount Batur Trekking

Holiday should spends with many kind of activity, so it will refreshfull. People love to visit new places, try new foods, cook, learn something new, meet old friends, stay for a while in different place, come to nature, and many other activity. Mount Batur trekking will be something special, especially for those who love to see sunrise in high land. How’s this activity? Let’s find out.

The Situation Of Mount Batur

Mount Batur located in Kintamani district, Bali. It has 1717 m high above the sea level. Mount Batur known as the active mountain that has the widest kaldera. Healthy hikers can hike to summit in 2 hours. But new hikers may need more.

This mountain has beautiful scenery. There are a lot of giant rocks that naturally aranged like stairs. They covered by green plants. The combination of black stones and the green plants is so beautiful. You’ll love this extraordinary scenery. Mount Batur also has a lake, named Batur Lake. From the top of Batur mountain, the lake will be seen like backgrounded by Abang Mountain.

The path to reach the summit are rocky and slippery in many part. But the hard track will be paid by the view from the top. Especially when you climb at dawn. Mount Batur trekking will be an unforgetable challenging experience.

Mount Batur Trekking

Mount Batur is a sacred mountain that should be treat as the rule. Tourist should keep the cleanliness, act politely, and keep the natural plants in their habitat. Never waste plastics or other dirty stuff on it. Sign your writing on rocks, just to make others know you’ve been there is not necessary. You better use your camera and make your existence immortal in internet by your posts.

Mount Batur trekking is not only a trip, but it could be soul refreshment. The fresh air, the view, and the sacred situatuation may invite special feeling inside. This activity will  make you healthy and fresh, too.

This route start from Toya Bungkah. You must pay some money as registration fee. It’s not include the guide fee. If you choose to use a guide, you can negotiate the fee. Appreciate their work that help you reach summit. But the fee should be acceptable for both.

First, you’ll start with a flat path. But then getting steep, and more steep, until you meet the summit. This steep path is sandy and slippery. You’ll pass big rocks along the path. After half part of the path, you can find the first post. Here, visitors that think not strong enough to hike higher can rest there. This post located more than half way to summit. So, if you feel so tired and unable to do the rest, you can stop in this post. But if you’ve feel stronger and sure can finish your trip, go on. It may take only 40 minutes from first top to summit.

Mount Batur trekking usually do before dawn, to meet the sunrise. It’s about at 3.00 a.m. If you want to reach summit at dark, you can start earlier. Here are some tips to make your journey to mount Batur special and joyful:

  1. Realistic Trekking

Although mount batur difficulty is not too hard, before doing a trekking all tourist should prepare their self. Be sure to know your condition. It’s not wise to force your body to hike, while you’re in ill condition. This will not only dangerous for you, but it will disturb other who do the trekking with you.

Trekking to a mountain is not only walk to a place higher, but it’s about the way of mind, too. When you sure you can do it, you’ll fight to reach the top. Suggest your mind that you’re strong enough for this, and your body will support you. Do this activity with your friends that can support you.

  1. Preparation

Good preparation is not guarantee that you are one hundred percents save. But trekking without preparation is not wise. Prepare yourself with exercise couple weeks before your trekking. This will make your metabolism running well and supply enough energy for your activity.

Prepare stuffs that probably needed, like jacket, trekking shoes, raincoat, flashlight, first aid equipment, food, and water. You may need to prepare personal medicine if necessary.

Bring only the most necessary stuffs. Too many stuff that you won’t use, eat, or wear will waste your energy. It make your backpack heavy. It will slow you down. Of course you don’t want to missed the sunrise, just because you carry too many things.

  1. Enough Light

Sunrise is the purpose of almost all of the trekkers. The summit of mount Batur can reach with 2 – 2,5 hours trekking. So you must start before down or maybe midnight. Prepare good flashlight and batteries to help you see the path clearly. This will avoid accident because you can see the path well. Sometimes, the path covered by the fog. This will decrease your sight. Good flashlight will be very helpfull.

  1. Know Your Route

These days, there are a lot of people share their experience. Trekking in mount Batur is one of them. Some people think thas this mountain is easy to trek, but others may think differently. If  you plan to trek this mountain, then be sure you know where to start and the route. If it will be your first trekking, it will be better for you to have a mount batur guide.

  1. A Guide

There are guides that can help trekkers do the trekking safely. They know the route, they know the situation. It will make you enjoy your trekking. Of course they’re not free, but the fee is not that expensive. Compare it with your safety and the maximum joy you’ll get on the top of the mountain.

Visiting a place that offer beautiful scenery and challenging, like mount Batur trekking, will make your holiday meaningfull. It make your body and soul refresh. Prepare yourself with good preparation, so your experience will be unforgetable.


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