Pamper Your Five Senses by Jeep Tour on the Ancient Volcano of Mount Batur Bali

batur safari jeep tour

Batur Safari Jeep Tour – What do you usually do while on vacation in Bali? Are you just sunbathing on the beach, snorkeling, diving, looking for a new hidden gem, and getting engaged with local people or traders? What if on your next vacation you try the sensation of a Jeep tour to Mount Batur? Don’t forget to invite your family, friends, and colleagues to feel adventurous in Mount Batur using a 4-by-4 vehicle. 

Mount Batur Nature Tour

Have you ever read the history of the creation of Mount Batur and the large lake around it? We will invite you to find out at a glance about Mount Batur. Mount Batur that you see today is a child of a mountain which is an ancient trace of a volcano that erupted thousands of years ago. Its first eruption was in 1804. Around it, there is the Lake Batur caldera which was created from the eruption. The last recorded eruption occurred in early 2000. 

UNESCO designated Mount Batur caldera as part of the Global geoparks network in 2012. the fertile soil structure of Mount Batur caldera creates several villages around the area. These villages lie around the foot of Mount Batur. Tourism in Mount Batur is increasingly popular and has developed into a source of income for the local community in addition to their main job as farmers. You must take the time for healing tours in Batur Village, Toya Bungkah, Trunyan, Songan, and Kedisan. 

Batur Safari Jeep Tour to See Sunrise at Mount Batur

Batur Safari Jeep Tour – You may not have qualified mountain climbing experience. You also don’t have adequate equipment. On the other hand, you are eager to witness the sunrise view for the first time in Bali with your beloved family. How nice it is to watch the sunrise in the morning when you are at the top of Mount Batur. The cool morning breeze blows your face and hair that may have been sweating from the early morning hike. 

When you have the opportunity to visit the Island of the Gods Bali while on work leave or get a year-end long holiday then you need to provide a special day to enjoy an alternative to climbing Mount Batur with a Jeep tour to catch the sunrise. You are guaranteed not to be tired during your trip up the mountain and you can also save a lot of time so that your to-do list while traveling in Bali can be fulfilled according to the schedule. 

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Jeep Tour Sunrise in Mount Batur can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages. Kids and even parents can try the refreshing sensation of welcoming the first rays of the sun from a peak. Everyone who is invited will be able to enjoy a holiday in Bali in this different way. Climbing Mount Batur using a Jeep will take more than 2 hours from the meeting point. Prepare your stamina and supplies that need to be brought before meeting the Jeep driver who will take you to the sunrise viewpoint at the top of Mount Batur. 




  • 03.00-04.30: Pick up from your accommodation
  • 05.00: Arrive at jeep tour starting point
  • 05.45: Arrive at sunrise view point and time to see beautiful sunrise view from elevation 1350 meter above sea level.
  • 06.30-08.30: Explore black lava & black sand area of mount Batur
  • 09.00: Visit Bali Coffee Plantation (Optional) or just drop back to hotel



  • 1 PERSON: IDR 1.150.000
  • 2 PERSONS: IDR 625.000 / PERSON
  • 3 PERSONS: IDR 450.000 / PERSON


  • 4 PERSONS: IDR 500.000 / PERSON
  • 5 PERSONS: IDR 450.000 / PERSON
  • 6 PERSONS: IDR 400.000 / PERSON



  • 03.00-04.30: Pick up from your accommodation
  • 05.00: Arrive at jeep tour starting point
  • 05.45: Arrive at sunrise view point and time to see beautiful sunrise view from elevation 1350 meter above sea level.
  • 06.30-08.30: Explore black lava & black sand area of mount Batur
  • 08.45-10.30: Visit Batur Natural Hot Spring, you can spend one hour to swim & relaxing at natural hot spring.
  • 10.30: Visit Bali Coffee Plantation (Optional) or just drop back to hotel



  • 1 PERSON: IDR 1.300.000
  • 2 PERSONS: IDR 725.000 / PERSON
  • 3 PERSONS: IDR 550.000 / PERSON


  • 4 PERSONS: IDR 600.000 / PERSON
  • 5 PERSONS: IDR 550.000 / PERSON
  • 6 PERSONS: IDR 500.000 / PERSON



  • 03.00-04.30 Pick up from your accommodation
  • 05.00-05.15 Arrive at jeep tour starting point
  • 05.45 Arrive at sunrise view point and time to see beautiful sunrise view from elevation 1350 meter above sea level.
  • 06.30-08.30 Explore black lava & black sand area of mount Batur
  • 08.45-10.30 Visit Coffee Plantation (optional)
  • 11.00 – 13.30 Rafting adventure in Ayung River Ubud
  • 13.45 Lunch at rafting restaurant
  • 14.00 Drop Back to Hotel



  • 1 PERSON: IDR 1.400.000
  • 2 PERSONS: IDR 825.000 / PERSON
  • 3 PERSONS: IDR 650.000 / PERSON


  • 4 PERSONS: IDR 700.000 / PERSON
  • 5 PERSONS: IDR 650.000 / PERSON
  • 6 PERSONS: IDR 600.000 / PERSON



  • 03.00-04.30 Pick up from your accommodation
  • 05.00-05.15 Arrive at jeep tour starting point
  • 05.45 Arrive at sunrise view point and time to see beautiful sunrise view from elevation 1350 meter above sea level.
  • 06.30-08.30 Explore black lava & black sand area of mount Batur
  • 08.45-10.30 Visit Coffee Plantation (optional)
  • 11.00 – 13.00 ATV adventure in Ubud
  • 13.15 Lunch at ATV restaurant
  • 13.45 Drop Back to Hotel



  • 1 PERSON: IDR 1.800.000
  • 2 PERSONS: IDR 1.100.000 / PERSON
  • 3 PERSONS: IDR 900.000 / PERSON


  • 4 PERSONS: IDR 950.000 / PERSON
  • 5 PERSONS: IDR 900.000 / PERSON
  • 6 PERSONS: IDR 850.000 / PERSON


  • Private Pick up & Transfer From: Ubud, Kuta, Canggu, Seminyak, Sanur, Kerobokan & Legian
  • Private Local Jeep
  • All Entrance Fees


  • By take this package you only able to reach till elevation of 1.350 meter above sea level and can’t continue with hike to main summit (1717 meters).
  • This tour is not includes breakfast, you can bring your own breakfast box from hotel and having it while watch the sunrise.
  • We can provide include breakfast & tea coffee at sunrise view point with additional charge IDR 50.000/person



  • Please bring warmer clothes to make sure you warm enough during the trip
  • Special for package with hot spring, please don’t forget to bring swimming suit or changes clothes.



  • Payment & Deposit Request: payment can made by cash upon pick up. But in some conditions we may also request some deposit to secure your booking.
  • Cancellation: If this tour cancelled when our driver already at villa or hotel to pick you up (on the day of the tour), 50 % cancellations fees is applied


Pack a Concise Preparation

Batur Safari Jeep Tour sunrise is easy to do when you arrive at the meeting point. Even so, you need to prepare some important things to join this fun tour. Don’t let your excitement to be able to sit comfortably in a cool Jeep throughout the tour suddenly have to experience severe cold, itching, or other technical problems that could potentially cancel your trip to the top of the sunrise. 

So, what do you need to do to prepare for joining this sunrise Jeep tour at Mount Batur? 

Itinerary according to the main destination. Just before you go to the meeting point, you have to order a tour service that you can rely on. You can’t just book a tour ticket on the spot. The service provider usually has a daily quota and this tour will be carried out in the early morning. 

You will not likely have enough time to make preparations if you make a sudden tour service order. When the quota has been fulfilled, you can only climb to Mount Batur using a Jeep. You should book this tour service at least one day before the D-day.

Anticipation of the chill while at the mountain peak. Some people can tolerate the cold temperatures around the mountain in Bali in the early morning. But more people can’t stand the cold temperatures around Mount Batur. 

You should prepare necessities such as clothes and shoes specifically used for mountain climbing. The Jeep that you will be riding is a high-wheeled car that is in an open condition. Chilly early-morning winds can be very strong as you speed in the Jeep to the top of Mount Batur. The air will also feel so cold even when the sun has risen. You should bring clothes that can help keep your body temperature warm such as a jacket or sweater. 

Don’t forget to wear closed clothes such as long-sleeved tops and pants that cover the body up to the ankles. If necessary, you can wear socks complete with hiking shoes. 

Shoes can also help reduce discomfort caused by cold air. When you get off the top of the Jeep, you will start walking over the uneven contours of the mountainous landscape. It helps a lot if you wear sports or hiking shoes that can help with things like walking difficulties. 

What You Need To Prepare?

  • Bring a change of clothes ranging from underwear to outerwear and a replacement jacket. One time you can sweat, you can quickly change clothes comfortably so you don’t have to bother with wet clothes. Changing clothes can be useful if you visit and bathe in the hot springs on Lake Batur. 
  • Bring personal medicines and hand sanitizer. This is important especially if you have a congenital health disorder or when there are complaints that you feel during the trip such as cough, headaches, colds, or body aches. Don’t forget to keep wearing a mask and clean your hands at all times to keep your holiday safe and clean. You should bring a hand sanitizer or wet wipes to anticipate if you don’t find running clean water and soap. 
  • Protect skin from sun exposure. You will be very close to the sun when you are at the top of the mountain. Bring sunscreen with the appropriate SPF and wear a hat if necessary to reduce glare and keep your head warm. Don’t skip applying sunscreen of at least SPF 50 before going to the meeting point.
  • Stay well hydrated during this tour. Jeep sunrise tour service providers will usually include a consumption package where there is mineral water in it. Even so, you must bring your drinking water from your place of stay. The air temperature at the top of the mountain is not the same as the temperature below. You will feel thirsty quickly when you are at your peak. 
  • Bring enough cash for sudden needs such as buying food, medicine, or souvenirs. Remember that you won’t find any ATMs at the top of Mount Batur. 

Find the Right Mount Batur Jeep Tour Service

Mount Batur Safari Jeep tour service provider is your guide during this holiday session. You have to choose carefully and you should choose a service that provides the most varied packages. You can freely choose the package, especially in terms of price and other additional service options. 

Additional services are the way these service providers compete with others. You may find service providers who give you additional options to be able to visit other attractions after descending from the top of Mount Batur. After enjoying the sunrise, you can take the time to explore the Mount Batur area and its surroundings. 

You can also choose only one main destination based on the lowest fare you take. You may just want to go up to the top of the mountain to see the sunrise without any consideration of visiting other tourist attractions. By the way, you can also consider several things below before having a decision on which service to use. 

Private Tours

If you come alone for a sunrise Jeep tout, then you will share a Jeep with other visitors. But if you come together with family members or colleagues, then you should choose a private tour package. The Jeep that will take you to Sunrise View Point will not bring other visitors you don’t know. You will only be with the whole family or colleagues in the same Jeep.

Shuttle Service

Those of you who bring private vehicles can come directly to the departure point themselves at the appointed time. But if you don’t have a private vehicle, you can use the shuttle service. This service is usually a paid additional service that is separate from the Mount Batur Jeep tour sunrise package offered. 

The price of this service is usually determined based on the distance between where you stay and the point of departure. The price will be more expensive the farther the distance. By using this shuttle service you don’t need to think about the cost of vehicle fuel, it is more practical, and you only need to prepare yourself in front of the hotel according to the time of the agreement.

Jeep Driver Experience

You can tell if a good service will make visitors comfortable accompanied by a reliable driver. As for being able to ask anything about the Mount Batur tour while on the trip to the driver. 

Knowledge of the natural conditions around Mount Batur that the driver has will provide comfort for you. You can also get appropriate information because it is directly delivered by people who carry out daily activities on this Mount Batur tour. 

Important Points You Will Have Based on the Tour Service Provider


When ordering tour services is a sign that you will use their services. There are certain agreements you must fulfill if you suddenly cancel this tour. You should book this tour service before the D-day at least a day or two in advance. You can’t order this tour service on the spot considering there will be so many visitors who use this service in a day during the whole year. 


Your booking will be declared valid if you have submitted a deposit to this tour service provider. The amount of the deposit may vary depending on the policy of the service provider. But the average deposit ranges from 25% to 50% of the total payout.


If before the D-day you have to cancel this service due to certain obstacles, then you can cancel based on the agreement at the beginning. The service provider usually gives you two days before the day of departure for you to cancel. Within this time, the deposit you submitted earlier will be returned. But if it is more than two days, then the deposit will be the full rights of the service provider. 

Pick Up Point

You must come to the pickup point according to the initial agreement. The tour service provider will pick you up based on the tariff. If maybe your pickup point is not on the list of service providers, then you must consult it first. 

Breakfast at the Top of the Mountain

Several service providers include breakfast options while watching the sunrise with additional prices outside the tour package. However, some do not provide breakfast in their tour packages. You should choose the best suits the budget you provide. You can also first consult with the service provider of your choice. 

Don’t hesitate to consult with the service provider about anything you need during Jeep Tour sunrise on Mount Batur. Safety and comfort must be the main thing in this beautiful natural tourism of Mount Batur. Happy adventure!


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