Is it safe to climb mount batur?

Is it safe to climb mount batur?

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Mount Batur is well-known as the best trekking destination to enjoy the beautiful sunrise view at the summit. The trekking route isn’t too difficult. So, it is perfect for you who just start climbing and want to try the real trekking experience. So, Is it safe to climb mount batur? The simplest answer is yes, it is safe.

However, just like other outdoor activity, there are also risks in climbing Mount Batur. This is you, doing some activity in nature. If you make a few mistakes, it can cost you. Injury and even death can happen because of underestimating mindset. Therefore, you need to pay attention to several things, if you want to safely climb Mount Batur.

The Weather and Volcanic Activity

First of all, you must know the weather. If it is rain, Is it safe to climb mount batur? This is the basic question you must ask yourself as well as your guide. After the rain, the route will become harder to walk through. You need to face the muddy and slippery road. It needs a lot of preparations, either your physical condition as well as your equipment.

Mount Batur is an active volcano. Some climbers even can see when this mountain start to awake. When it happens, Is it safe to climb mount batur?  Of course, the answer is no. But, if you use our service, we can provide detail information about the mountain condition. Therefore, you can easily make the plan and schedule that is the safest time to enjoy this mountain.

The Equipment

The equipment also heavily affects your safety when you climb Mount Batur. Like we mentioned above, the route can become really hard to walk through, especially after the heavy rain. Therefore, you need to use proper climbing equipment, in order to minimize the risk.

So, with proper climbing equipment, Is it safe to climb mount batur? Yes, it will be much safer. For example, wearing the correct type of hiking shoes will help you to walk on many different types of field. In Mount Batur, the climbing route consists of different type of road. You can find the dirt, volcanic ash, as well as rock type road in one route. You will feel more comfortable wearing the right hiking shoes when you walk on all of those types of road.

Other climbing equipment is also important to minimize the risk. For example, you can use climbing sticks and flashlight. Without them, Is it safe to climb mount batur? You still can climb Mount Batur without them. But, those pieces of equipment will help you to climb easier and avoid any risk of getting injury or worst accident.

Fortunately, our service provides those pieces of equipment for you. The climbing sticks and the flashlight is part of our trekking service that will be given before you start your ascent. The flashlight will help you a lot because if you use our service, you will start your climbing at 3 a.m. This is the best time to start because we will take you to the summit, just before the sunrise. So, you can really enjoy the sunrise at the fullest.

Now, Is it safe to climb mount batur? If you only use those pieces of equipment, we can’t say that you will safely arrive at the top of the mountain. There is one thing that you really need in order to get to the top without risking your life. It’s the jacket.

Wear multiple layers of clothes. Then, put on jackets on top of them. Mount Batur in the dawn is very cold. The mount Batur temperature can drop to near 0 degrees Celsius. So, without proper protection against cold like this one, Is it safe to climb mount batur? Of course, the answer is no.

When the temperature is too low, your body will be forced to use more energy to increase the body temperature. In the end, you will lose too much energy during your climbing. This condition can make you lose focus, which can lead to a dangerous situation.

However, you don’t need to worry. After you reach the peak and enjoy the sunrise, the temperature will slowly rise. This is the time when you can take off your outfit and descent with a lighter outfit. You will feel more comfortable this way.

The Guide

Is it safe to climb mount batur? The important answer to this question is yes if you climb with a Mount Batur guide. We have the best guide that can help you to climb Mount Batur. So, if you use our service, guaranteed, you will get the best protection. Plus, your climbing will become the best experience in your life. What is so important to have a guide for Mount Batur climb?

First of all, a guide is a person that has experience, knowledge, and skill. They know how to use the trekking route in the safest possible way. So, by having them guide your climbing, you can avoid a dangerous situation that can happen when you are solo trekking.

The guide also gives you instruction and information about the Mount Batur and the climbing route you are taking. It won’t only protect you. But, you also can save a lot of energy and climb much easier. So, Is it safe to climb mount batur?  Yes, only if you use our service and guide. Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking will give you the best help for Mount Batur sunrise trekking.



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