One Day  Challenging Trip On The Mount Abang Sunrise Trekking



Mount Abang Sunrise Trekking – Do you still remember of the big eruption of Batur Volcano in Bali that took place in 1963? This volcanic eruption produced the most beautiful sculptures from God in the shape of small mountains such as Mount Abang and smaller Mount Batur with Caldera lakes that provide gentle support like mom. For you know, Mount Batur is so famous that many visitors are interested in climbing it just to enjoy the sunrise or breakfast on top.


The hiking trail is not too steep and friendly enough for anyone. Even those who have no experience in climbing mountains at all.
Another one is Mount Abang which is famous for its hidden location behind a forest. Visitors will pursue the pleasure of climbing Mount Abang sunrise trekking that feels very challenging.


Wanna Try One Day Honeymoon On The Mount Abang Sunrise Trekking?

When you are so curious to find why you should try a one-day honeymoon trip to the Mount Abang Sunrise Trekking, you may agree to take these two reasons. Firstly, it is located in the hidden area which is private enough for you and your spouse. Secondly is, this mountain has an amazing view on the top.

Moreover you can enjoy the scenery from its big brother, Mount Batur, with the playing around clouds that feel like in the land of heaven. Mount Abang sunrise trekking can be an unusual choice for those of you who want to do the celebration of romance a.k.a honeymoon.


This is the perfect trip for:

  • The couple who likes to spend time together with challenging thing that stimulates adrenaline.
  • Wife and husband who likes doing things that are different from usual and love photography.
  • Doers who are happy to climb mountains or explore places that have not been touched by many visitors.
  • Couple who loves to enjoy the sunrise in a new scenic spot.
  • People who like Bali and mountains.


Do you and your partner like the honeymoon trip as above? If so, you need to prepare a few things before climbing to Mount Abang sunrise trekking.


Preparation Before Sunrise Trekking

Mount Abang is located at an altitude of 2,152 meters above the sea with an unusual hiking trail. You will be presented with the challenge of passing through a rare tropical rain forest in the North Bali region. Not many people passing by there.


So, you need to prepare a few things just in case you encounter obstacles during a one-day honeymoon trip on Mount Abang sunrise trekking, it is:

  • Make sure you are physically fit.
  • Leave based on an agreement with your spouse.
  • Find a hotel or inn where you will spend the night around Ubud or Kintamani.
  • Prepare personal equipment such as comfortable hiking shoes and warm clothes. Purchase anti-slip hiking boots where the bottom is uneven. While wearing brightly colored sweaters in the morning. Especially if it rains the day before the climb.
  • Prepare a headlamp that will be very useful for those of you who want to catch the sunrise. Each must carry one. Do not use a hand-held flashlight or mobile phone flashlight that will be more troublesome when following Mount Abang sunrise trekking.
  • Bring your medicines.
  • Bring enough food and drinks for you to enjoy the morning after watching the sunrise.
  • Check the weather forecast on D-day. If it rains lightly, you can still climb using a comfortable raincoat. Watch for slippery roads and leeches that may approach your wet hiking shoes.
  • Bring your camera for all your magical poses with your spouse.


Mount Abang Hiking Trails

This one-day honeymoon trip to Mount Abang sunrise trekking might be something new for you. You have never climbed a mountain before. Neither has your spouse. It will be better for you to hire a guide who will show you the right path to the best sunrise spot on the peak of Mount Abang. And, do not forget to give a tip if your guide also helps you to bring your belongings when going down the mountain.


You also need to know the hiking trails towards Mount Abang sunrise trekking. You may depart from Ubud. Then, you will go to the North of Ubud for about two hours. That is Kintamani where you will start a one-day honeymoon trip to Mount Abang sunrise trekking.
In Kintamani, you must go to Suter Village, which is Southwest of Mount Abang. After that, you will pass a pretty bad road until you find a tree which is the starting point of the sunrise spot. The tree has a sign that says “SELAMAT DATANG DI GUNUNG ABANG.”.


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What You Will Pass During The Trek?

The tropical rain forest is along the trail that you will pass before having the Mount Abang sunrise spot. The trees in this pathway are mostly pine-covered in moss. Occasionally, the fallen trees will cross your trail. But, the tree can help you avoid the slippery road. Just climb the fallen trees and continue the trip. You can take rare landscape photos from this scenic spot once.


You will also pass the sacred temple in the middle of the mountain complete with fauna, flowers, and exotic plants around it. Use a dramatic bokeh camera effect when you want to pose near the temple.


Enjoy the sunrise at the top of Mount Abang with your lover who flew to Bali a few hours ago. If you are lucky, both of you will get a beautiful misty background that slowly unfolds the magical curtain that covers Mount Batur and its wonderful valley.

Another Beautiful Thing After Mount Abang Sunrise Trekking

Mount Abang which is a UNESCO World Heritage also presents a refreshing view of Lake Batur. You can take so many magical photos there and upload all of them to your social media. Then, you can also enjoy the hot spring here. All your needs are provided. You only need to pay a little to unwind after the romantic climb.


Next, make sure you visit the valuable Luwak coffee plantation before returning to the hotel. You will be amazed to learn how Luwak coffee is produced and you will get to know how expensive the Luwak coffee is.


So, when will you plan a one-day challenging trip on mount Abang sunrise trekking? Let’s see more information about our mount Abang trekking package bellow: