Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking From Amed

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking From Amed

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking From Amed

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Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking From Amed

As one of the most popular tourism destination in Indonesia, the Island of Bali offers range of attractions other than their most note beautiful beaches. This one comes in complete nature package of serenity and adventure. Bali trekking and hiking are certainly must-done tourism attraction once you visit the island. The adventure will not only challenge you with the route but also soothe your eyes and mind with mesmerizing, surrounding nature. The green forest that stretches over the land, beautiful arrangements of paddy field, and amusing smell from lines of coffee plantation are among the special views along the hiking and trekking path. Not to mention the process of the luwak coffee making, Indonesia’s famous unique coffee and the traditional Bali lifestyle. Those charms are obviously making your journey memorable.

Bali Hiking Tour And Bali Trekking Tour

Hiking, which is known to have easier track than trekking may be the best option for beginner. However, Bali hiking tour will not disappoint you as the guide will take you to explore traditional life in Bali villages. Some include camping, rafting, and another outdoor activity as the final sequence of Bali hiking tour. Meanwhile, for a more challenging outdoor adventure, Bali trekking definitely has a lot to offer. The tour guide will take you to go through arduous track while witnessing some nature spots and of course, the charming culture of Bali. Bali trekking goes the same way with hiking tour, as the main activity comes with anther outdoor interests such as camping and rafting. Good health and stamina are certainly essential requirements to conduct these nature outdoor activities.

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking From Amed

Mount Batur sunrise is said to be one of the best trekking route in Bali. Tourists who seek for this attraction commonly stay around Ubud. However, if you want something new and different, staying around Amed is a good option. It may be less talked about than Ubud, but what lies around the location is obviously worth-visiting. Why exploring Mount Batur trekking from Amed? It is Bali’s traditional village which is known as fishing village, all rounded up with rustic ambience. It is also defined as one of the biggest diving destination in the island. The peaceful village is a right place to chill with serene quietness and a slow pace daily routines. With all of the serenity, you will not mind to set aside your entertainment agenda as the village is not a place for one.

It takes about 2 hour driving to Mount Batur which is located in Kintamani from Amed. Mount Batur is one of the active volcanoes in the island. With that required trip time to catch the sunrise, prepare yourself to wake up very early. Skilled Mount Batur guide will help you go through the trekking track as it is still dark before sunrise. Make sure to maintain your condition before the trekking begins.

The mount Batur sunrise trekking itinerary commonly starts around 3am with some coffee and snacks to gain energy before the main agenda. The trekking itself takes averagely 1.5 hour, with estimation of arrival at the peak at 5.30am. Enjoy an exceptional breakfast experience directly made at the mountain top, a meal which is done with the volcano steam while witnessing panoramic sunrise.

Catch the chance of seeing amazing view from the top. If you are lucky enough about the weather, you will have the chance to walk around the crater. Sometimes in rainy days, strolling around the spot is not advised. To check all these lists, make sure you contact a reliable tour provider. Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking is available with numbers of interesting packages. It also offers Mount Batur sunset trekking other than the sunrise. Find a package that meets your preference. Simply visit our website and be ready for your trekking adventure.

What To Expect Around Amed?

Where is Amed located? It is on the eastern part of the island. It needs nearly 3 hours of driving from Denpasar. Meanwhile from Gili Air, you can opt for a fast boat to Amed. To get around the village, tourists can rent a bike, seemingly the best vehicle to stroll around. The rental fee is about 5USD for a day. By paying extra 7 USD, a driver is available to take you anywhere by motorbike. Watch the hilly road along the area, make sure you wear a safety helmet. Worry not about accommodation.

Even though it is a traditional village which is noted for peaceful tranquility, it has been supported with adequate tourism facilities. Amed has ranges of enjoyable places to spend nights. Hotels and Villas with amazing panorama and great service are available there. Hotels with great facilities costs around 220USD. Some are even suitable for visitors on budget with only 40USD cost per night, still with enjoyable environment and excellent hospitality. Restaurants there serve both traditional and international dishes. A fresh grilled fish served with local seasoning is a must try during your visit. Enjoy your meal with a memorable atmosphere of Bali nature such as ocean and cliff.

Do not miss all the charms Amed has to offer. To make your trip full of enjoyment, contact a tour provider which will help you to explore all attractions around. A tour package commonly take 2 to 3 days, depends on the itinerary. Mount Batur trekking, as a popular agenda has drawn a huge interest. Count yourself in and have fun in the nature. You can choose exciting package of Mount Batur sunrise trekking. In Bagus Bali Sunrise, visitors have the opportunities to blend with the amazing nature by camping and rafting in the sequence of trekking activity.

Interestingly, we can go as a small group or a larger group by joining another tourists. Accompanied by a trusted Mount Batur guide, visitors will be taken through destinations and given supporting facilities such as snacks and safety equipment. Check the website and find one which is the most suitable for your interest.

Following is details about our Mt Batur Sunrise Trekking from Amed:



  • 01:00 am: Pick up at Amed the hotel
  • 03.15 am coffee break service at our coffee station (Banana chocolate pancake with hot tea and coffee)
  • 04:00 am: Arrive at the starting point and start climbing,
  • 05:30 am – 06:00 am: Arrive at the peak of mount Batur,
  • 06:30 am: Breakfast on the top of Batur Volcano : Banana sandwiches, cookies, egg, fruit, and hot drinks,
  • 07:00 am: Walk down or around the crater of mount Batur (depend by your request)
  • 08:30 am: arrive at the finish point and drop back to your hotel.


1 PERSON: USD 96 (IDR 1.350.000)

2 PERSONS: USD 54 (IDR 750.000) / Person

3 PERSONS: USD 43 (IDR 600.000) / Person

4 PERSONS: USD 40 (IDR 550.000) / Person

5 PERSONS: USD 36 (IDR 500.000) / Person




  • 01:00am: Pick up at the Amed hoteL
  • 03.15 am coffee break service at our coffee station (banana choocolates pancakes and tea coffee)
  • 4:00 am: Arrive at the trekking starting point and start climbing to the top of mt Batur
  • 5:30 am – 6:00 am: Arrive at the peak of mount Batur (1717 mdpl)
  • 6:30 am: Breakfast on the top of mountain with the menu: Banana sandwiches, cookies, egg, fruit, and hot drinks (hot coffee, hot chocolate or tea)
  • 07:00 am: Walk down with the sort route or long route to around the crater of mount Batur (depend by your request / depend by your conditions)
  • 08:30 am: arrive at the finish point or car park
  • 8:45 am – 11:00 am: relax and refresh in Batur Natural Hot Spring
  • 11:00 am: drive back to your hotel



1 PERSON: USD 107 (IDR 1.500.000)

2 PERSONS: USD 64 (IDR 900.000) / Person

3 PERSONS: USD 54 (IDR 750.000) / Person

4 PERSONS: USD 50 (IDR 700.000) / Person

5 PERSONS: USD 46 (IDR 650.000) / Person




  • 01:00 am: Pick up at the Amed hotel
  • 03:15 am: Coffee break service before start the hiking,
  • 03:30 am: Drive to the start point,
  • 04:00 am: Arrive at the starting point and start climbing,
  • 05:30 am – 06:00 am: Arrive at the peak of mount Batur
  • 06:30 am: Breakfast on the mountain (Banana sandwiches, cookies, egg, fruit, and hot drinks),
  • 07:00 am: Walk down or around the crater of mount Batur (depend of your request),
  • 08:30 am: arrive at the finish point,
  • 08:45 am – 11:00 am: Bath and refresh in Natural Hot Spring
  • 11:30 am: Try Buffet Lunch at Lake View Restaurant,
  • 00:30 pm – 1:00 pm: drop back to your hotel


1 PERSON: USD 114 (IDR 1.600.000)

2 PERSONS: USD 71 (IDR 1.000.000) / Person

3 PERSONS: USD 61 (IDR 850.000) / Person

4 PERSONS: USD 57 (IDR 800.000) / Person

5 PERSONS: USD 54 (IDR 750.000) / Person



• Private Trekking Guide – English speaking
• Private Driver
• Enough Drinking Water
• Walking Stick & Head Light
• All food and drinks on the list
• All entrance fee on the package



  • Jacket
  • Hiking shoes
  • Sun Cream
  • Backpack
  • Swimming set & changes cloth( for package B and C )
  • Enough Money

Well, that is just few details from us about Mount Batur trekking from Amed, for future information please contact us on WhatsApp: +6282144554458



Mount Batur Trekking From Amed Blog




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