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Best Mount Batur Attire You Need to Use


Bali sunrise trekking is not a new thing anymore. This kind of entertainment method successfully made the trekkers breathe a new air of their lives. People, in one point, need to be entertained. On the other side, they are thirsty of an adventure. Bali trekking tours clearly give those two things. Two different things are combined and blended to be one.  The treat for our eyes and soul is completely there. The fresh color of leaf will color all the sights.


Together with that, the adrenaline will be raised because we will have an extra ordinary journey that we might never have before. To trek mount Batur, there are several routes that we can choose. The easiest one is by riding vehicle directly. But, with that route and way, our journey will be just like what we do in daily lives. It’s not bad but it erases one of the main aims.


mount batur attiremount batur trekking attire


Make sure that that route will be taken when we get special condition like suddenly we get sick or something that makes us cannot join the manual trekking. If that doesn’t happen, it is better to hike the mountain manually with our feet and we will get the pleasure at once the adventure.


What Is Mount Batur Like?


Mount Batur, like the other mountains, is high. It is covered with the green leaves that come from the trees around it. It is in Bali, the famous paradise island. More specific, it lies below Bangli region. Mount Batur’s height is not as high as Mount Agung. But this volcano is high enough. From the surface, it is 1717 meters above. The regular vacation with Bali as the destination usually offer common places like Kuta Beach, Sukawati art market, Bedugul Lake and etc.


They are really interesting and beautiful. You can even shop in Sukawati art market. But wait a second. It will be more fun and unforgettable if you join Bali sunrise trekking and have a new perspective to see the beauty. From the very high place, you can see the nature in front of you. You can also breathe the super fresh air. Then, those beauties can teach you about thanking God for what He’d given to us. And learn about how great God is that He can create this universe with every super small detail.


Prepare The Most Suitable Attire


Clothing is not just about the appearance. The fashion that is usually used to beautify ourselves now becomes something really important in doing Bali Trekking Tours activity. Looking nice is number two. Number one is the attire that we use should be comfortable. We will do a hard climbing. Although it will run just in around two hours, the wrong attire can make the climbing activity uncomfortable.


To decide what to wear, we have to identify the trekking difficulty. Many former trekkers say that it is not easy to get to the summit. But this is based on personal condition. If we do a lot of exercise, this climbing activity will not be that hard and otherwise. In trekking, we have to move our feet. While moving our feet, we usually move our hands too to keep our body balance. It is to avoid from falling down.


Thus, we need comfortable top clothes just like those which we usually wear when we work out in the gym. We need something that fit to our body but not too tight. For pants, there is recommendation to wear comfortable shorts or legging. But some former trekkers also say that sometime they meet sharp rocks. It is better to use long trousers or long legging to protect our feet from hurt.


Foot Wear And Additional Wear


For foot wear, use a pair of shoes with good grip. This is really important. There were many girls trekked to the mount up there wearing boots. They couldn’t even step properly and got slipped all the time. In trekking adventure, maybe we have to push the fashion aside first and focus on the safety.


For additional attire, you can bring jacket because at the beginning of the climbing, it will be really cold. But in the middle of the journey, you will feel hotter because the climbing activity makes your body work and sweaty. When you reach the mountain top, after awhile you will feel cold again because it is windy. You have to notice on what season you decide to climb Mount Batur.


In wet season, maybe you want to wear water resist jacket that made from parachute. Extra blanket is good if the wind is not friendly. You may want to wear gloves. When the air is too cold, gloves help you to warm your body up. During the climbing, the gloves protect your hands from the rock if you accidently touch the rocks with your hands. For head wear, you can wear hat so the glare won’t be a problem.


Because you will start to walk in the very early morning, you can choose head lamps for the lighting. The guide might bring the handy one just in case if the members forget to bring it just as the guide from But head lamp is said to be the most comfortable one because your hands will be free and can hold something else. Wearing head lamps also can reduce the contents of your backpack.


What is the Best Mount Batur Package?


After reaching the summit, having breakfast and taking some pictures, then you will get ready to descent the mountain and enjoy Mount Batur sunrise trekking and hot springs. The hot springs will wait for you to have the next pleasure. In descending the mountain, your luggage will be reduced because the breakfast and other food will have been eaten up there. Your trek will be better and easier.


When you reach the dale, you can enjoy the sceneries around the hot springs and have nice chat with your friends at the same time. This perfect vacation will cost you a very reasonable price. That reasonable Mount Batur trekking price is one of the big special service from Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking beside the good guide and other services.

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