Mount Batur Trekking Clothes

Mount Batur Trekking Clothes

Mount Batur Trekking Clothes

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Mount Batur Trekking Clothes

Bali is Indonesia’s island which is located on the east part of Java and west part of Lombok. The Hindu-majority province is internationally famous for its beautiful, nature beaches. In fact, the island has a lot more to offer other than beach views. Tourists will be amazed by the panoramic nature landscape there. The green forest, arrangements of paddy fields, river, and plantations. Bali is also popular for the charming traditional villages. Locals still practice routines which were inherited by their ancestors. The whole ambience makes the island a perfect holiday spot for tranquility. If you need some amusement, nothing to worry. The island has great facilities include entertainment spots.

Bali Climate And Best Time To Visit

Bali has a tropical climate with a relatively common temperature in a year long. It feels commonly hot entire year. In November to March, rainy season occurs. However, shower is still likely to pour during dry season which lasts from April to October. The recorded average temperature of the island is between 26 to 27 degree Celsius. Watch for high humidity during rainy season.

The period around June to September is said to be the best time to visit Bali. For short trip, August is the best time since it is the driest through the year. At these times, the weather will be mostly sunny, but the heat is not so vicious. Unexpected rain is likely to pour in the night or early morning.

Shortlist proper clothes to avoid being overload. Find the weather a bit confusing? Do not bother to stuff your suitcase. Clothes which are most suitable for Bali weather are clothes made of light, natural fibers. Protect yourself from heat with hats, sun screen, and sunglasses. If you wish to add outdoor activities during your Bali trip, it is advised to bring umbrella, raincoat, and outdoor shoe.

Bali’s Best Tourist Attractions

Bali beaches and natural landscape promise excitement for ranges of outdoor activities. Bali trekking and Bali hiking tour are among tourists’ most sought-after outdoor attractions. Numbers of reviews have said that Bali trekking came out to be their best experience during the visit. Imagine walking up and down the track, surrounded by green forests, traditional villages, paddy field arrangements, and temples.

Mountain is a famous destination for Bali trekking tours. The main attraction of mountain trekking is the mesmerizing beauty of sunrise. Among tue most sought trip, Mount Batur sunrise trekking has satisfied many visitors. It is a trekking journey which is begun very early in the morning. The trekking itinerary is generally started at 2 am. The tour providers will pick you up at your hotels. After some coffee, you will be taken to the trekking starting point. It normally takes about 2 hours of driving to get there. Most providers include a driver, comfortable car with AC, and fuel for the whole sequences of itinerary. Either privately or in a larger group, you will be taken to see a breathtaking view atop of Mount Batur.

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Essentials

You might find numerous of review about Mount Batur sunrise trekking path is challenging, but anyone can get there. Some even state that you can literally run along the path. Even though so, do not try to get through by yourself. Make sure you or your group have a trained, reliable Mount Batur guide. It is reported that injury, falling down, or slipping potentially occur due to lack detailed information of the track. Safety is the main reason why you must be accompanied by a guide.

For personal preparation, be sure you have a good stamina. Even though people with average level of fitness can get through the Mount Batur sunrise trekking, a proper health maintenance will help you accomplish the trip easier. It commonly takes 2 hours to get to the top. For people with average fitness level, it may take 30 minute longer due to some extra rest and stops.

Besides fitness maintenance, another personal preparation you should concern is sun protection. Bring hats, sun screen, and sun glasses. Mineral water for maintaining hydration is usually brought by ‘backpack boy’.

What about clothes and shoe? It is advised to wear warm, layered clothes with comfortable basic under. As the journey begins in the dark, the temperature is cold. It is getting colder when you hike up until you get to the top. When it is time to descend back down, you will feel warmer. You will be thankful for the layered fabrics just to wear comfortable basic inner when walking down. To avoid injury from sharp branches or rocky path, you can use long pants with thin, comfortable materials. If you do the whole trip in rainy season, bring a raincoat, just in case.

Another essential gear for a safe, comfortable mountain trekking is a pair of quality outdoor shoes. Wear ones with good grip as you will have to go through rocky path. This is also important to avoid slipping and stumbling. Also, you may need a headlight to light up your path under the dark sky. The guide usually hands you a flashlight but it is advised to use headlight as most of the time, you will need your hands free.

The descend back down takes about the same duration with the hike up. Totally, Mount Batur sunrise trekking itinerary takes approximately 10 hours. To make the trip manageable, make sure you contact a trusted tour providers. Bagus Bali Sunrise allows you to pick the most suitable trekking package. Visitors can even do the trekking after sunrise and sunset. This is a solution for adventurers who cannot wake up early in the morning. The view is still gorgeous, though. The picturesque nature backdrop all around really pays off the hike. If it is not raining, visitors are given about an hour to stroll around the crater. You can see smoke that creeps out of the crater, monkeys play around the temple, and enjoy light meals with hot drinks. Visit to find the most suitable package.


Mount Batur Trekking Clothes

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