Mount Batur Trekking Difficulty

mount batur trekking difficulty

Mount Batur Trekking Difficulty

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mount batur trekking difficulty

Mount Batur Kintamani right now is one of the famous volcano in Bali. This active volcano is suitable visit for every level physically fitness. Here we would like explain more detail about difficulty of mount Batur trekking. The difficulty hiking level up to the top of mount Batur depending of some things. Fisrtly, such as where your trek start from mean different trekking start point, different difficulty level as well. Second which trip of Mount Batur Bali trekking you take and also depending distance of trekking trip will you do during the hike .

Mount Batur trekking Difficulty Level depending from trekking start point.

The way look like will you expect and prepare for trekking up mount Batur before sunrise. Sunrise trekking to mount Batur can fetch by 3 different starting point, it is: Toyabungkah, Pura Jati and Serongga village start point.

A. Mount Batur Trekking From Toyabungkah

This mount Batur trekking starting point is recommended one. The reason is because your trek will direct to the summit of mount Batur where most people watching sunrise from this point . On the summit through this starting point you may see beautiful views of landscape, mountain, lake as well as beautiful Bali sunrise.


Trek to the summit take about one and half hours until 2 hours climb from starting point until where you will capture sunrise from the summit. On the beginning half way up will be very easy. Walking under pine and eucalyptus forest but the rest half way will be getting more challenging and a few of rocky. Although the trail was more difficult it still manageable and every person able do reaching the summit. Through this road the level of hike is easy to moderate.

B. Mount Batur Trekking From Jati Temple, 

Start your mount Batur trekking from here is not recommended. It cause the trip from this place will logger if you want reaching the top and this trail is also more busy. Normally, the people’s who use this trekking trail is for sharing tour with the others passenger. The trip to the mount Batur summit take about 2,5 hours.  And half of the trail with more rock and volcanic sand.

C. Mount Batur Trekking From Serongga Village, 

If you want your hike fell more private you can choose mount Batur trekking through Serongga village , this trekking trail is much quite than the other road because start from north side of Mount Batur Kintamani Bali . The trail will come until the real peak, but the road is slippery cause of volcanic sand. The trip via this starting point normally take less than 2 hours but you must fit enough.


Okay that’s a few information from us about the difficulty of mount Batur trekking with option trekking trail. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!


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