Mount Batur Trekking How Long

Mount Batur Trekking How Long

Mount Batur Trekking How Long

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Mount Batur Trekking How Long

If we talk about trekking and hiking we may imagine hours of climbing and walking, getting wet, being bitten by mosquitoes, getting exhausted by long hours of walking, being attacked by wild animals and so on. However, does it represent all trek that you may encounter? In reality some trekking is shorter than what you can imagine. Of course there are lot of hiking tract that took days to complete, and they can only done by professionals. However in Bali, even those who have no experience in hiking can participate in trekking to Mount Batur since the distance is shot and the track is not to difficult for those who don’t enjoy physical exercise.

Compare to mount Agung which is also in Bali, Mount Batur is far from that. To complete mount Agung journey at least you need one day for round travel as sometimes it takes more than 7 hours to reach the summit. But for Mount Batur, you can complete the track from one to two hours. Some professional even complete the journey in less than an hour, and those who are a beginner in hiking may complete the track for two hours.

Hiking Mount Batur is not time consuming like other Bali Trekking Tour, because the distance is not only shorter but you can also book the tour package from the website, so you don’t have to visit the local tourism office to book for one tour. The time you spend in preparing the journey will be depend on your traveling style, if you have well written plan that you might need to book the package long before the arrival time.

Booking earlier than your arrival time is necessary if you want to participate in local ceremony, since Bali is known for their festival and cultural ceremonial. If you plan to join the cleansing ceremony for Mount Batur, the first thing you need to do is to check for the celebration date and make a booking on that day. However, you can still book for a tour package when you have arrived in Bali, because they are available everyday as long as there is no vulcanic notifications.

As you arrive in Bali, you can have your way to month Batur as you prefer, but the time you need to reach the destination will be different. For example, if you want to join Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Tour then you might need to prepare yourself day before the departure especially if you stay on the central like Kuta or Ubud. It takes around 2 hours driving from Kute to Batur, but you don’t have worry that some agencies provide pick up services for those who stay in the central city. You are expected to be pick up at midnight since the trekking is started at four in the morning, so you can see the sun rise at 6 am.

From the nearby village, Bali Trekking to Mount Batur will take approximately two hours for beginners and one hour for professional. Because half of your track can be done by cars, and half of it is done by walking. Walking at night is better than walking at noon, since the weather is more fresh and the air is clear. If you prefer trekking in the morning, you need to prepare yourself to be surrounded by people who also want to reach the summit of Mount Batur. Hiking at night is preferable because less people join the tour, as you arrive in the morning; you can see the sunrise view with intimate scenery and leave the place when other visitors are coming.

Those who travel with Mount Batur Guide then you might get more benefit from them, they know shorter way to reach the summit which is familiar among local people. to hire your personal guide is an easy thing to do, as you only need to contact our agent such as Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking at our official website and choose the type of tour that you prefer. The tour can be arrange as private or in group, so it you can choose the one that fit to your budget. The second advantage in having a guide is you can also have access to local activities including sports, cultural events, and many more; in many case you can book the activities in advance.

If you have an interest to Bali Hiking Tour but have no experience in trekking, maybe you need to try Mount Batur. If you are afraid that you might not able to prepare since midnight then you should consider staying in a hotel at the nearby village, so you can start your journey as late at 5 am in the morning. Staying in the nearby village is recommended, because you can do other activities that are provided by the local people; besides, you don’t have to be exhausted as the result of long driving from Kuta to mount Batur. You don’t have to worry about facilities an attraction that are available on Batur, because they have lots of them including biking, water sports, local cultural handicraft activities, painting, crafting and many more. Restaurants and cafes are also available, so you can still manage to get excellent meal while staying away from Kuta.

Many people choose to stay in Batur for a couple of days while completing their hiking to Mount Batur, because you can still manage to hike the mountain without being too tired to retake the route. Staying close the mountain is preferable because you can chose the time when you want to hike and look for the suitable weather to hike. After completing your first track in Mount Batur, maybe next time you can go to mount Agung after doing some exercise to fit your body, a professional is always a beginner; you may star with Mount Batur and one day complete a whole journey to Himalaya. Starting with Mount Batur is a good choice when you are not confidence with your physical strength.


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