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Mount Batur Weather

This article will give you information regarding the Mount Batur weather. If you wish to do trekking on the area, then, it is best to figure out the Mount Batur weather. In the world of trekking, you would definitely figure out that there are so many Mount Batur trekking companies which offer a service to go there that are available. Well, the reason why there are so many of them is that Mount Batur sunrise trekking Ubud is a popular activity that many tourists love to do when in Bali. Well, let us figure out the weather and the things about the mountain!

About Mount Batur

For your information, the mountain we are talking about here is the mountain which is situated on the northern side of the most beautiful island in the world- Bali. The mountain, which is named Mount Batur, is actually an active volcano and it has a caldera on top of it. Inside the caldera, there is a large lake named after the mountain, which is Lake Batur. This stratovolcano, by the way, is measured to have a Mount Batur height of 1,717 meters and its first documented explosion was in 1804. However, it remains as one of the most active volcanoes in the world and its latest explosion was in 2000 though it continues to behave until recently. Well, make sure that you go at the right time when having a Mount Batur trek in Bali!

The weather

This part of the article will now discuss the weather you would encounter when you are in the area. Well, since the mountain itself is located inside the area of Bangli regency, the weather around will be roughly similar and there would not be any significant differences between them. Bangli itself is regency you can find on the island of Bali and it is located in a tropical area- although it is usually pretty cold since it is usually about 15 to 30 degrees Celsius (59.00 to 86.00 degrees Fahrenheit). It is colder when you go to the north and it is where the mountain is situated. Often, it rains heavily over the year and its average annual rainfall is 2,500 to 3,000 mm.

The weather is usually very extreme during December to early April and it might get really cold since it is recorded that the temperature around the mountain may reach 12 to 17 degrees Celsius (53.6 to 62.6 degrees Fahrenheit). The annual season in Bali is pretty unpredictable, especially in the northern area. Well, you should be prepared for any troubles regarding the Mount Batur weather!

Weather check

Before you trekking on the area as either Mount Batur sunrise trek without guide or with one mount Batur guide, it is better to check the weather forecast of the area since it could be dangerous to go there when the weather gets unfriendly. When the weather gets so ugly, it usually rains a lot and your visibility will be severely limited. Therefore, climbing without any weather reviewing is a bad idea and it could compromise your safety. Besides, it will get really cold during bad weather. Therefore, install a weather forecast application in your smartphone; most of them are free and are easy to use.

Tips to do when climbing with bad weather

Well, if you have already reached the island without monitoring the area, then, it is okay and you need to hope that the weather would not be too bad at all so that you can climb the mountain without any harmful risks. However, though, if otherwise, then, it would be better if you postpone your decision to trek the mountain until the weather becomes friendlier. But if you insist to climb even when the weather is bad, then, you need to do several things.

  1. Wear a thick jacket and a lot of layers. You need to wear a thick jacket or a layer of clothes when trekking the mountain. Well, the reason why you need to do so is that temperature around the summit is known to change so suddenly and the change is often to be drastic. Even when the sun is up, the wind tends to be choppy at all times.
  2. Wear footwear with a good grip. Since you are going to climb a mountain, then, you would want a safe walk, would you not? A mountain would definitely provide an experience that is way tougher than walking in a park. Also, it would be slippery when it is raining. Therefore, good shoes are the thing you need.
  3. Bring good lighting equipment. Well, it is an unwritten rule that you must bring a device to flash light when on a mountain. The device allows you to have a better sight around the terrain and it can help to prevent you from getting lost. Bring a headlamp since it is more practical and it is less prone to get lost. A hand flashlight is easier to acquire, but it is clumsy and it makes one of your arms constantly occupied.

    4. Make sure that your body is fit. No matter how determined you are; it is better to cancel your trekking if you suddenly do not feel well. This is to prevent any unwanted accidents since the mountain is pretty tough to traverse. Well, although its height is somewhat mediocre, its terrain is what you need to be aware since it is very steep and you need to check the Mount Batur weather!





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