Sekumpul Waterfall Jungle trekking

Sekumpul Waterfall Jungle trekking

Sekumpul Waterfall Jungle trekking

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Sekumpul Waterfall Jungle trekking

Traveling to Bali does not mean that you only meet with beautiful beaches here. Instead of beautiful beaches here, in the Buleleng area has the natural tourist spot which gives you a different vibe for the face of tourism in Bali. Sekumpul Waterfall is the beautiful waterfall destinations in the northern part of Bali. Having sekumpul waterfall jungle trekking can be your best activity here. Sekumpul Waterfall has 100 meters of height. You do not only see one waterfall here, but there are also at least 2 waterfalls which flowing profusely. Because Sekumpul Waterfall is pretty high, then these waterfalls can be enjoyed from the distance before the visitor enters into the Sekumpul Waterfall area. From here. you will see the two waterfalls which fall and the water source is covered by the thick green trees.

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These two beautiful waterfalls actually show you with different characters and origins. The first Sekumpul Waterfall has a single flow waterfall where come from mountain springs. The second waterfall has a higher altitude than then the first one. The shape of that waterfall like the mosquito net and the water come from the river. Therefore, during the rainy season, the first waterfall will stay clean while the second waterfall will be cloudy brown. This is can be your best location for sekumpul waterfall jungle trekking.

Beautiful Sekumpul Waterfalls Bali

In addition, its location which pretty far and remote, another great thing of Sekumpul Waterfall is that there are seven waterfalls here. therefore, the local residents here gave the name Sekumpul which means “group” of waterfalls. Local residents also called it as seven points waterfall as well. There are several things that you have to know before you visit these waterfalls and get the most beautiful experience here, You should not forget to bring some clothes, because after you play with water, then your clothes will wet and this is inconvenient if you come home with soaking clothes. Do not forget to bring your food and drinks because there are no food stalls here. Of course, this is better to wear comfortable clothes and convenience footwear because the terrain the trek that you will take does not always dry. Do not forget to bring your camera as the must-device to bring and capture your best moment here. You can take many photos here because the beauty of nature is very great here.

Reach the location of Sekumpul Waterfalls

Sekumpul Waterfall was located in Sekumpul Village in Buleleng Regency. This tourist destination takes around 85 km from the Ngurah Rai International Airport. Travelers can choose to get here via Denpasar – Singaraja road which takes around 2 hours. When you get into the entrance point, then you still have to walk and down around the 200-meter trail and cross the river. The river has the depth as same as adult thighs. Of course, your tiredness will be paid off after seeing the beauty of the Waterfall Sekumpul in front of your eyes. From 100 meters height from the peak of the mountains, the water flowing profusely and the pounding was so hypnotizing to play the water here.

Choosing Sekumpul Waterfall Trekking Tour Package in Bali

Even the Sekumpul Waterfall was called as the most beautiful waterfall in Bali. You can get accommodation close to the location which only takes around 2 km. To see the Sekumpul Waterfall closer, then it needs a bit of struggle and effort. From the parking area, then you have to walk pretty far, walking in the dirt road, stepping the hundreds of stairs and you need to cross the river as well. Which makes this waterfall is different from other waterfalls, Sekumpul waterfall does not contain one or two waterfalls, at least there are seven separated waterfalls that you can see here. those seven waterfalls were spread out in the high cliffs and surrounded by the green trees which pleasing your eyes. The seven waterfalls have different shape and heights as well. No wonder that the Sekumpul Waterfalls were crowned as the best waterfall in Bali.

So, What you can do in Sekumpul Waterfall?

With this Bali trekking tours, you are able to see local houses here along with the historical monument, temple, wonderful rice field and you can see the fruit trees around this beautiful village as well. The people surround this area very like to grow trees. This thing will make you feel so impressed. There are rambutan and durian trees that you can see anywhere. After you walk around 5 minutes, then you are able to see some waterfalls from the distance which is so beautiful. As mentioned before that you need to cross the river and trek throughout the jungle before finally, you arrive in two waterfall locations here. you are able to play and swimming around these waterfalls. If you love trekking, then try sekumpul waterfall jungle trekking.

If you have the plan to get sekumpul waterfall jungle trekking or visiting this beautiful waterfall, but you do not where to start, then you can get different services with Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking. They will offer you with the best services for the nature lovers who enjoy hiking and want to get something more than just an ordinary holiday in Bali. They offer you with a different package that includes anything that you need to trek here.


Bali is more than just beaches and if you love hiking, then you can enjoy your hobby with sekumpul waterfall jungle trekking as your best references. There are other hiking areas in Bali as well. Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking will make your trekking becomes a wonderful moment here.



  • O7.00 – 08.00 Pick Up your hotel by our English driver with AC vehicle
  • 10.00 Arrive at Sekumpul village then continue trek to Waterfall.
  • 11.00 Arrival at  Sekumpul waterfalls explore surround area and take shower in the waterfalls
  • 13.00 Having lunch at Sekumpul terrace cafe
  • 13.30 Back to hotel or visit to another place such as Bali coffee plantation, Beratan Lake Temple or Jati Luwih Rice Field.



  • 1 PERSON:   USD 90
  • 2 PERSONS: USD 50 / PAX
  • 3 PERSONS: USD 45 / PAX
  • 4 PERSONS: USD 40 / PAX
  • 5 PERSONS: USD 35 / PAX



  • Private car and driver
  • Experienced sekumpul trekking guide (English speaking)
  • Lunch
  • Enough drinking waters
  • Entrance fee to Sekumpul Village and waterfalls.



  • Hiking or sport shoes
  • Slippers
  • Short pants and changes clothes
  • Sun Screen
  • Towel
  • Camera


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