Best Time for Visit Lempuyang Temple

Best Time for Visit Lempuyang Temple

Best Time for Visit Lempuyang Temple

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Best Time for Visit Lempuyang Temple

Visiting the paradise island is one of the best ways to spend your time in vacation. Bali trekking tour now becomes the priority list in ‘what to do’ when talking about refreshing. Before 1980s, Bali is still unknown. In that time, the finance of the inhabitant is supported by plantation and agriculture. People from abroad search a new place to sit down, breath the air and drink smoothies. Some people who come to Indonesia unintentionally find Bali Island. They enjoy the beautiful sea, the mountain view, Balinese dance and all the unique culture that still ever last. This great news is spread widely.

After that, people invite their relative to go to Bali together to enjoy the same great time. After 1980s, Bali is 80% supported by the tourism business. Since 2004 when internet and social media are developed, Bali is even more famous. The new places for tourism are developed. The inhabitants also take action to increase their quality in speaking English (for tour guides), the ability in dancing traditional dance, producing the painting and etc. Now if we conduct Bali trekking tour, we will feel the different ambience because Bali now is fully runs tourism industry.

Lempuyang Temple, The Most Regarded Temple

There are many important pura or temple in Bali. The famous ones are Besakih temple that is also known as mother temple, Tanah Lot temple that is famous with its sea view, Lempuyang Temple with its dragon staircase and many more. We will focus on Lempuyang Temple, the most regarded temple that has predicate as the oldest temple. The existence of this temple precedes almost all temples in Bali.  The position of this temple is on the slope of Mount Lempuyang. If we say ‘Lempuyang Temple’ the words refer to Pura Lempuyang Luhur. In fact there is not only one temple around the slope. Pura Lempuyang Luhur is on the highest place among the other five.

The reason why Lempuyang Temple refers to Pura Lempuyang Luhur is that this temple is the representation of the six temples. This big history thing and the length of the staircases are able to absorb the world’s attention. The travelers all over the world really want to test their adrenaline to hike on 1.700s staircases. Not only adrenaline, but by trekking Lempuyang Temple, you can have exercise for your mind to control your mind and your behavior.

The rules say that travelers who want to finish the journey to the highest temple should clean up their minds from negative thought. It also says that travelers who complain a lot might not have big chance to reach the top. The travelers who behave not good will be alarmed. The locals also believe that those bad behaved travelers might not have a chance to reach Pura Lempuyang Luhur.

When Is The Best Time Trek Lempuyang Temple?

That is the question that usually comes from those who put Lempuyang Temple as the main destination. It is because, to come in the right time can help you maximize the whole things includes the good photographs. What will happen if we come not in the good time? For example if we visit there in the wet season. It is good but the staircases will be wet and slippery. Also we can’t fully enjoy our Lempuyang tour package. Even though, it is still possible to go there in wet season but everything will be a little harder. The best month to visit Bali will be March to May. The other months are September to October. Those 5 months are the best times to go there because in that time, Bali will be in good weather. The other reason is that the island in that time will not be too busy. You will get your peace vacation when the island is not busy. In a day, good times to visit are:

  1. Before Sunrise

Before sunrise considered as a good time because when you reach the main temple before the sunrise, you can see a breathtaking sunrise from the east. The other advantage of this time is the temple will not be really crowded so you don’t have to wait in the very long line to go up. One more advantage is if you reach the main temple in the morning, you still have much time to go to other place like Tirta Gangga, the extra ordinary water palace. You can descend the staircase relax and slowly. Then when you arrive at the water palace, you still have enough time to lay down at once chatting casually with the member of your group.

  1. Before Sunset

Before sunset is also a good time because you can witness the beautiful sunset from the high place. You can also catch the base in time, not too night. If you go after the sunset, you will descend the staircase in the darkness.

In the middle of the day, the temple will be very hot. You will need more water to hydrate your body. The place is probably already crowded with the travelers around the world. There is a review from traveler; it says the traveler is a little bit upset to visit Lempuyang Temple not in the best time. He has to wait in long line to hike. Not just on the way up, the line also exist when he get down from the temple.

How Much Is The Lempuyang Temple Tour?

To have this tour, there are various prices that you have to pay. It depends on the Lempuyang Temple tour package that you take. However, based on the comparison among travel agents, the price you must pay is around $50 dollars or in Rupiah it is around Rp700.000,-. Just remember, it is not the exact price. It can be more or less. Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking will give you the great and affordable price for lempuyang temple tour, so just don’t worries about anything, Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking will take care of everything you need and you need to know. Kindly visit us on for more information on Lempuyang Temple tour.



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