Kintamani Volcano Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking

Kintamani Volcano Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking

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Mount Batur is an active volcano in the Kintamani, Bangli regency, Bali, Indonesia. Mount Batur is located just northwest of Mount Agung (the highest mountain on the island) and has  a height of approximately 1,717 meters above sea level.

Mount Batur caldera has a length of 13.8 kilometers and a width of 10 km. Caldera of Mount Batur caldera is one of the largest and most beautiful in the world. The height of the caldera between 1267 m – 2152 m, and the highest peak of Mount Batur caldera we know as Mount Abang.

Inside the caldera caldera created two circular with a diameter of about 7 km. Inside the caldera are gorgeous lake with a crescent shape called Lake Batur.

The first and second caldera of Mount Batur thought to have formed as a result of two major eruptions, ie around 29.300 and 20.150 years ago. And experts estimate the height of Mount Batur before the big eruption reached 4.000m.

Volcanic activities  of Mount Batur in recorded history began in 1804 and the last eruption occurred in 2000. From 1804 Mount Batur has erupted more than 26 times. The most powerful eruption with volcanic activity within 50 days, the eruption occurred on August 2nd 1926 and ending September 21th 1926.

The eruption of Mount Batur in 1926 it made the hot lava flow and hoard village of Batur and Ulun Danu Batur which was once located at the western foot of Mount Batur.

The new Batur village, rebuilt on the edge of the caldera south of the village of Kintamani. Ulun Danu rebuilt, is still known as the most beautiful temples in Bali.

Mount Batur region famous as the mainstay attractions Bangli regency, Bali, Indonesia. Climbing activities on Mount Batur is the first choice for local and international travelers.

About cultural tourism, which is near the area of Mount Batur is Trunyan. Trunyan an ancient Balinese village which is famous for its people in terms of uniqueness bury.

For those of you nature lovers visiting Bali, feels incomplete if not try venturing to Mount Batur which offers incredible natural charm. Plus panoramic sunrise is so beautiful, it will make your holiday more meaningful.

For trekking to Mount Batur, the way to the foot of Mount Batur in Kintamani when taken from Kuta, Sanur, Nusa Dua, Denpasar, Legian and vicinity takes approximately two hours and we arrived at the start point of climbing Mount Batur, approximately at 04: 00 early in the morning “.

The climb to the summit of Mount Batur taken approximately one and a half hour. Upon arrival you will enjoy views of the peak of the eastern sky red as a sign of the rising of the morning sun. In addition, you will also be presented with a view of Mount Agung and the peak of Mount Rinjani in Lombok, “.

On top of the mountain we can also cook eggs or bananas in hot water coming out of the rocks on Mount Batur.


To climb Mount Batur Kintamani, highly recommend to any tourist who climb a mountain in order to use the services of a guide. It was for the safety of the climbers.

Some preparations you should prepare before making the climb at Mount Batur at this, including:

a. Physical  & Mental

Make sure you’re healthy and fit before making the climb on Mount Batur this.

b. Equipment:

Here are some supplies that you must take when trekking to mount Batur, namely:

• Jacket:

The mountainous area is synonymous with cool. so prepare a jacket that could make us comfortable and warm.

• Hiking Shoes:

Hiking boots will help comfort the foot of the climb and reduce the cold.

• Clothes clothes:

This change of clothes in case we had prepared for rain or wet. And better yet if you proceed with the raincoat.

• Swiming set: Take this when in the package you choose stated that after climbing on Mount Batur is completed, then you got the program the hot water bath in the lake Batur.

• Flashlight : is a vital tool needed when we want to climb at night.

• Gloves: If you are not strong cold, these gloves will really help keep out the cold around the palm of your hand.

• Medical: Complete with drugs that may be required as a liniment for leg cramps, red medicine, antiseptic and bandages.


Okay that is small information from us about mount Batur volcano trekking, for more information on climbing activities on the Bali island please contact us.


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