Lempuyang Temple Bali Fact

Lempuyang Temple Bali Fact

Lempuyang Temple Bali Fact

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Lempuyang Temple Bali Fact

It sounds please to go on a journey in Bali trekking tour. The ardor of having escapade is increased day after day. The photos that are gotten from internet steal big attention from world traveler. This wandering activity is believed to be a good way to erase people’s stress. The stress that comes from our daily work needs to be driven away from our minds. Maybe you already have something to do weekly to refresh your mind like having fancy dinner with your loved ones or go to plaza to enjoy beverages and snacks. Bali trekking tour could be your different and long term vacation that you can do annually to erase that stress at once having exercise over your body.

Trekking tour invite all your body parts to work simultaneously to get to the destination. As Bali is the very great island with so many tourism objects, you can everything that you want to do. You can even try something new that you never done before.

A Short History About Lempuyang Temple

Although the popularity is still under the other temples like Uluwatu Temple or Tanah Lot temple, Lempuyang Temple is actually one of the oldest temple in Bali. It is one of the six important temples in Bali. The other five are Uluwatu Temple, Batukaru Temple, Besakih Temple, Pusering Jagat Temple and Gua Lawah Temple. Those six temples are the temples which the six Gods live. The God that lives in Lempuyang Temple is Hyang Gni Jaya. Lempuyang Temple becomes famous lately because of internet’s meritorious service.

There is a group of travelers who first tries to have this trekking, then tells it to the world via internet. People from different countries are then interested to try the same thing. Do people know about the exactly about Lempuyang Temple? By looking at the picture in the social media or blog, people are amazed to the gorgeous scenery. But some of them forget to give the information about the location and how to reach there. The followings are some facts that you probably need to know about Lempuyang Temple before you decide Lempuyang tour with best package you take.

Some Lempuyang Temple’s Facts

  1. The building process of Lempuyang Temple precedes the most temples in Bali. Some people haven’t known about this. They still think that the other temples are older than this temple because the fame. Lempuyang Temple is a little late in hitting its popularity.
  2. Lempuyang Temple is said to be one single temple. However, there are 6 primary temples (with dozens of small temples). The fact in the field is that ‘Lempuyang Temple’ is a complex or a group of temples. The words Lempuyang Temple often refer to the main temple, Pura Lempuyang Luhur as the primary temple and the entire temples’ representation.
  3. There are strict rules for the visitors. There is a ‘dress code’ to enter to the temple. Since temple or ‘pura’ is a sacred place (Hindu people use the place to pray) visitors are not allowed to dress carelessly. They have to wear full cover clothes especially for the pants. They will be asked to wear sarong (Indonesian traditional clothes). Besides the dress code, the behaviors of the visitors have to be nice too. Even the visitors have to erase the bad thought. The young children and women in period are not allowed to hike. The limitation of the age for young children is based on their teeth. If they still have milk teeth, they are not allowed. Hypothetically, children who are allowed are children with permanent teeth (around 7 or 8).
  4. There are 1.700s staircases and usually called ‘Dragon staircase’. The amount is just fantastic but if you decide to hike it, it will be fun. Just step on it one by one with patience, you will reach the top.
  5. There is no ticket or fee to enter to the temple. Usually, tourism objects have fares and they are different depends on the government policy. However, there is no exact charge amount for entering Lempuyang Temple. Visitors are only asked to donate to support the cleaning service fee. The amount is depending on the visitors.
  6. The Lempuyang Temple’s label as ‘a gate to heaven’ is suitable with the real condition. When the weather is clear and bright, when you reach certain height, you will see clouds hanging. You’ll feel like you can catch them. The whole staircases are headed up and it is like bridging the land to the sky.

Those are the interesting facts that you need to know about Lempuyang Temple. Some people think that the rules are scary. But if you just do it, there is nothing scared. Matter of fact, the rules like clear the mind can help you to have a good meditation. Not complaining exercises your patience. Not to behave bad and use swear words rehearse your manners. After this journey, you will feel refreshed and become wiser.

The main function of this temple is to keep the Bali mentality balance. We know that God gives sadness and happiness all the time. This temple (and the God Hyang Gni Jaya) is believed to be the balance keeper. When Bali people are shock with the disaster, Hyang Gni Jaya will calm them down. Otherwise, when the happiness is so overdosed, Hyang Gni Jaya also reminds them to stay calm.

After all the beauties that offered, you should prepare the finance to pay the Lempuyang tour package. It is suggested that you take the complete package includes the tour guide. The guide will provide everything you need for the journey. The guide will watch you out so if you have trouble, it will be solved quickly. The rate of this tour is around $48 per person. Of course it is just estimation of the Lempuyang Bali tour price. To make sure you get the professional tour agent, visit http://www.bagusbalisunrise.com/. We provide the good package with affordable rate. Only Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking gives you great deal on Lempuyang tour price.



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