Lempuyang Temple for Bali Instagram Tour

Lempuyang Temple for Bali Instagram Tour

Lempuyang Temple for Bali Instagram Tour

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Lempuyang Temple for Bali Instagram Tour

Lempuyang Temple is a very beautiful temple. It can be one of the lists in Bali trekking tour. It has epithet as ‘a gate of heaven’. When saying the words Lempuyang Temple it points to Pura Lempuyang Luhur. It is one of the prime temples in Bali. Actually this temple was built long before the most temples in Bali. So, this temple counted as a very old temple even the oldest. The position of this temple is on the Mount Lempuyang’s slope. If it is measured from the highest, it is above the level of the sea as 1,170s meters. The height is not unreachable because with the staircase (also known as Dragon staircase) many travelers succeed to reach the summit.

On the way up to the highest temple, some other temples will accompany your sight. The green leaves from the forest will refresh your eyes too. The former travelers who have previous Bali trekking tour really love the combination that they get from visiting this temple. They are the excursion of Balinese culture and the nature peggin. For the travelers who are really tired and have to stop in the middle of the journey, don’t worry. The beautiful and gorgeous sceneries are not only gotten from the highest temple. The sceneries are great if you see from any staircase level.

As mention above, the name of the temple refers to one oldest and highest temple. However, on the location of the temple, there are so many temples below Pura Lempuyang Luhur. The prominent ones are the 6 temples. There are still some temples around that seldom be mentioned. But, it is true that there are dozens of ‘pura’ or temples. The very near important place from Mount Lempuyang is that Mount Agung.

This active volcano is the highest in Bali. This mount is the home of Besakih temple. It is also one of the oldest temples in Bali. Because the two mounts are neighbor, when you reach the first temple (Pura Penataran Agung) the great view that is offered is Mount Agung panorama. When the weather is fine, Mount Agung is seen clearly.

Getting There To Lempuyang Temple

After the great things about the views are said, the not least prominent is that how to get to Lempuyang Temple. The locals are already aware that this temple attracts world traveler’s attention. They start the business in transportation to take travelers to the destination. To go to Lempuyang Temple, there are ojek or motorbike taxis that are ready to take you to the hiking spot. The motorbike taxis could take you to the parking area. If you want to hike earlier, you can ask the rider to drop you in front on the Pura Penataran Agung.

It will make the time more effective because it’s shortening some minutes. Then you could start to hike the staircase. Remember to behave nicely because Lempuyang Temple is a trully holy place. Behave nicely comprise gracing the holy sculptures there. No romance activity between lovers. If there is flower on the ground, or the gift for the God (can be in the form of food, money, flower) don’t step on it.

Instagrammable Spots

Instagram becomes the most visited social media recently. It is because the features of Instagram are very interesting. It contains of pictures with caption below the picture. You can also post videos on Instagram. Besides, you can put hash tag with letter ‘#’ then the world can search your picture based on their interest. When hiking Lempuyang Temple, there are some great spots that are Instagrammable. Later, you can post the photos on Instagram and put hash tag based on the location or the activity.

  1. In front the Dragon staircase. The long and protuberant staircase is great to be your picture background. It also can tell the Instagram user about the staircase.
  2. In Pura Penataran Agung. It has been mentioned above that Mount Lempuyang is Mount Agung’s neighbor. When you are in Pura Penataran Agung, Mount Agung is seen so great with the proper angle.
  3. Hindu people while praying. This religious activity can be a good object. But because it is religious thing, you have to take pictures in proper distance so you not disturb the prayer.
  4. Bebanten or the gift for the God. The gift for the God that is given by Hindu people as the symbol of devotion. Usually these things are arranged beautifully.
  5. In Pura Lempuyang Luhur. This is the highest and the most beautiful one. If you take pictures from below, it can be seen that the gate is like ‘heading somewhere’ high and beautiful. The clouds around are hanging on the sky. This completely describes the meaning of ‘gateway to heaven’.

Those are the prominent 5 spots of Lempuyang Temple that are great for you Instagram feed. If you need help to take pictures, ask the guide that is included in the Lempuyang tour from Ubud. To get the best picture and not being disturbed by the weather, you should notice the best time to go to Lempuyang Temple. You can visit Lempuyang Temple in March, April, and May. Other months are September to October. In those months, the weather will not be too extreme. Besides, Bali is not too crowded in that time.

If you choose the complete Lempuyang gate of heaven tour package, after visiting Lempuyang Temple, you will continue your journey to enjoy beautiful scenery. That will be the water palace. While breaking of the exhaustion, you can enjoy the panorama around the water palace. You can also eat snacks, drink beverages while chatting intimately with friends whom you come with. To have this great experience, Lempuyang tour price that you have to pay is around $49 dollars. The rate estimation is not exactly right. It is a rough estimation as you standard amount of charge. With Bagus Bali Sunsrise Trekking you can always get the best and hot Lempuyang tour price. If you want to know more about its interesting package, kindly visit http://www.bagusbalisunrise.com/.



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