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Mount Batur Deaths

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On Wednesday morning of March 31th 2010, one Swedish peoples fall and death in crater of Batur volcano, his name is Mr Daniel Petersen (25 years old). On that day, Daniel climb mount Batur with two friends,  sadly during on the way down along the south rim of mount Batur crater he fall into the main crater. This information we got from Mr Made Oka, one of the local police who help the Association of Mount Batur trekking guide to get his corpse.He is fall into the dry crater at a depth of about 500 feet or 150 meters from mouth of crater said Mr. Oka. The mount Batur trekking officials believe the man did not survive the initial impact of the fall on that day.

The team by a of National SAR Agency (Basarnas) and the Bali Police Mobile Brigade rescue team helped by local mount Batur guide start to evacuate the bodies on 11.00. The process of evacuation take long because the terrain is difficult with plus unsupport with bad weather constraints. Finnaly, around  17.00in, the corpse was lifted from the bottom of the mount Batur crater. The corpse then brought down to the base of the Batur volcano then sent to Sanglah Hospital for autopsy.

According to this experience, you should note: if although mount Batur trekking is quiet easy for many people’s but everyone who climbs Mount Batur need remmember if everything  can happen anytime anywhere so you must be careful in every single step of your trek. So follow the instruction from our guide is important things, because make sure you fell safety for your self, safety for your friends or families during the trek is our main responsibility.

We hoping by reading this story, you can more carefully a long of the trek up and down and no more accident even tourists deaths at mount Batur.



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