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Mount Batur is an active volcano in Bali and it becomes a great attraction for travelers. More and more people are coming to Bali to see the beauty of this active volcano. Since you are about to visit an active volcano, it is better to use an experienced Mount Batur guide service. The experienced guide service helps not only show the safe trekking route to Mount Batur but also some interesting places or attractions you can enjoy while spending time in Mount Batur. The list below is some of the interesting attractions and places you can see during trekking to Mount Batur.

The Most Beautiful Sunrise

One of the reasons why people want to visit Mount Batur is that of its beautiful sunrise. If you are joining our Mount Batur guide package, you are about to enjoy the beautiful sunrise with the most comfortable way. We have experienced tour guide who knows the best time to go to the peak of Mount Batur to see the sunrise. The fun is not stopped yet because our tour guide shows the best way to enjoy the sunrise. Just imagine if you can enjoy the most beautiful sunrise while eating a delicious breakfast. Even, some of the foods are cooked fresh on the Mount Batur lava rock steam.


After enjoying the beauty of the sunrise, our Mount Batur guide brings you to the next beautiful destination. They will guide you to go to the main crater. In this case, you are walking down from the peak to the crater. The guide shows you the easy trek or long trek. We know that safety is the most important thing. Based on that, the schedule and the trek we choose depends on the weather. If the weather is good, we will guide you to the crater based on the route that you want. You have to prepare your favorite camera because there will be a lot of beautiful objects or spots to capture in this area.

Lake View

Besides enjoying the beauty of Mount Batur, sunrise, and crater, you can also enjoy the beauty of its lake. The lake view is the perfect scenery to relax for a while after walking for a few hours. Once again, our Mount Batur guide wants you to enjoy the best thing with the best service. Because of that, we bring you to a restaurant close to the lake and you can enjoy their fresh and delicious breakfast there. Just imagine how happy you are if you can eat something delicious while seeing the most beautiful scenery. It might be your best and unforgettable moment in your life, right?

Bali Coffee Plantation

One of the most popular package for mount Batur trekking is mount Batur sunrise hiking and coffee plantation tour. Coffee lovers will love this place because this is the place where you can see Bali coffee plantation. While exploring the plantation, the Mount Batur guide gives you new knowledge about Balinese coffee. You are not only enjoying the beautiful plantation but you will also get new knowledge you can share with your friends. The most interesting part of visiting Bali coffee plantation is that you have a chance to taste a variety of coffee including the most expensive coffee, Bali Luwak coffee. You can learn the different taste by testing the flavor. Of course, it will be an interesting activity for coffee lovers.

Swing at Tegalalang

After enjoying the main attraction which is the beauty of Mount Batur, sunrise, and its crater, you can try a new activity in Ubud Bali. The Mount Batur guide brings you to a place namely Tegalalang located in Ubud Bali. By the time you arrived in a place namely Uma Pakel, you have a chance to try the unique swing. Indeed, this activity increases your adrenaline because you are about to swing in the 10 to 30 meters high area. It seems that the sensation is just like when you are flying. It will be your most unforgettable moment and you might want to try it again someday.

Enjoying Boiled Egg

It seems that eating a boiled egg is an ordinary thing to do, right? The case is different if you are eating the boiled egg at Mount Batur. The most interesting is that you are about to cook the egg on the Mount Batur lava. The hot temperature can boil the egg perfectly and you can enjoy the boiled egg while enjoying the fantastic scenery. Our Mount Batur guide will show you the best and safe place to boil the egg. Just feel the sensation of boiling an egg in the natural area and you can share the taste of the egg with your friends later.


Trekking is not the only activity you can do while visiting Mount Batur. Our service gives you some interesting and challenging activities to make you enjoy Mount Batur maximally. One of the challenging activity is rafting. The rafting will be done after enjoying the Mount Batur sunrise and breakfast. The Mount Batur guide brings you to a place namely Ayung River. This is the river where you will do the rafting. While focusing on controlling the boat, you can enjoy the tropical forest around the river. Just imagine that you are trying two different adventure in the same day with the different sensation. We combine two of that activities into mount Batur and white water rafting.


If you want to enjoy the beauty of Mount Batur a little bit longer, you can just join our Camping Tour. You can choose to stay at the foot or peak of Mount Batur. Our professional Mount Batur guide helps you to find the most comfortable place to build a camp. Moreover, they also show you the best time to enjoy sunset and sunrise while spending time in Mount Batur. We offer you 2 days and 1-night camping package. You are about to stay in the 17.7 meters high above sea level. Indeed, it is worth it to try and share with your friends.



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