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Mount Batur is one of the natural beauties located in Bali. This island is not only about beaches or a glamorous night world. Bali is a fun place for trekking lovers and climbers. The location of Mount Batur lies on a Kintamani area, Bangli Region, Central Bali. It has no coastal area in this location. You should expect more about beaches in the area of Mount Batur. Though it is categorized to be a low mount, the saved natural beauty makes this mountain feel popular and special for climbers and trekkers to get Mount Batur route.

The Duration of Mount Batur Trekking

Generally, the climbers or trekkers require time about 1.5 hours to reach the peak of Mount Batur. The crossed path is dominated by high tracks making you more careful to cross it. Most of the people claimed that it is an easy climbed and trekked mountain. It is recommended to trek for beginners. However, if you cross it, you will prove the challenges of trekking in Mount Batur. Your tiredness will be paid off by seeing an amazing view of the Mount Batur. Your eyes will be served by a silhouette of Mount Abang and Mount Semeru from the far distance. In addition, you will see a spacious view of Mount Batur. A 2,5 hours trip will be paid off after you explore the overall sides of Mount Batur.

Basecamp of Mount Batur

Mount Batur route seems to be interesting to reveal. There are some interesting and challenging routes that can be crossed. Before you know the route, it is great to know the basecamp of this mountain. The trekking gate of Mount Batur is located in Jati Luhur Temple, Bangli. The entrance cost for every visitor is Rp. 100.000,- and for guide rental applying different rates.

Mount Batur Routes

It is crucial to find the Mount Batur route. The route is a gate of your Bali trekking activities. Without the route, it is impossibly reaching the mount easily. Mount Batur is the second highest mount in Bali after Mount Agung. It has two routes, Toya Bungkah village and Pura Jati. The time estimation of trekkers is usually 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours depending on your speed when you are trekking it. Most of the trekkers tend to select a trekking route through Toya Bungkah. It is regarded to serve an easy trekking route. There is a unique thing that can be conducted in the peak of Mount Batur in which you can boil eggs naturally. You should find sol producing smokes and then bury the egg into it. Wait for it for minutes until it is cooked.

Mount Batur Routes to Go to Starting Point

Mount Batur route provides two options for trekkers and climbers. Both routes offer different challenges that must be crossed. When you want to beat the route, you have to go to the starting point of Mount Batur. From Kuta, you can directly go to Kintamani, Bangli specifically in Penelokan village. Find the down roads to Lake Batur. Keep following the down roads until there is a three-junction. From that junction, you should turn left. After you crossed a road surrounded dried lava stones, you will arrive at Toya Bungkah village. It will offer an unforgettable experience to reach the starting point of Mount Batur trekking.

The Path of Mount Batur Route

The first path of the Mount Batur route tends to be easy and low. But, the deeper path tends to up about 40 minutes away. Then, a sandy road is close to your trekking activity in Mount Batur. Moreover, there are many slippery stones making you more careful to walk away from the top of the mount. From the starting point to pos 1, it is required about 1.50 hours. The last path of the Mount Batur route is a super slippery and narrow road. You must be extra careful to cross that road. It will be harmful to your life.

The Best Time for Trekking in Mount Batur

After you knew the Mount Batur route, it is time to reveal the best time for trekking there. The trekking is usually started from 03.00 early morning, assumed to reach the top of the mountain at 05.30 in the morning because the sunrise will occur early. However, for the trekkers who want to stay in the top of the mountain at dark, they can start trekking and climb earlier. It is very worth to reach an earthly paradise in Bali.

Tips for Trekking in Mount Batur

When you trek in Mount Batur, you must know the Mount Batur route. The route must make you fearless. To do a trekking activity in Mount Batur, it is better to do some following mount Batur trekking tips.

  •    Knowing the Best Time for Trekking

It is good to know the best time for trekking in Mount Batur. It is usually conducted in summer. If you track it at rainy, the track will be slippery.

  •    Preparing Your Physic

The next way is preparing your physical condition minimally a week before the trekking date. It is very important because the track in Mount Batur is spending your stamina. Furthermore, uncertain weather often occurs enabling to decrease your body immune system.

  •    Equipment for Trekking

The next thing is about equipment for trekking. You must bring useful and appropriate equipment to do trekking in Mount Batur. You also adjust it to the Mount Batur route.

  •    Renting a Trekking Agent

The last way is trying to rent a trekking tour and package in an agent. The agent will serve all about trekking, needs, and accommodation to reach a starting point. Of course, it doesn’t make you worried to prepare it all

To help you trekking in Mount Batur, you can select the trusted trekking service. It is helping you to finish and handle all trekking needs.





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