Mount Batur Trekking Distance

Mount Batur Trekking Distance

Mount Batur Trekking Distance

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Mount Batur Trekking Distance

Many people less interest in doing trekking because it often takes hours and sometimes days, it require physical fitness, well preparation, and determination to complete the journey. How if we don’t have all of them? How if we are too lazy to do exercise, too lazy to pack stuff and easily give up when tired? Does it means that we can’t hike for the entire of our life? Completing full trekking map sounds impossible when we have to meet all the requirements, not to mention our unfamiliarity with the surrounding will give us more pressure in taking part in the

while traveling to Bali, less tourist have interest in doing hiking or  trekking with their friends, family and even by themselves. They afraid that the light of the trek will not be suitable with their companions or even for themselves. Thinking about trekking in Bali is like a mission impossible, because it may full of mosquitoes, being surrounded by forest in the middle of nowhere, no accommodation and other services, you cant even use your phone because the location has no signal. But they are all just stereotypes, hiking in Bali is far from those images. It is close to the central city with all services and facilities are built to meet your necessities. In the nearby village there are hotels, cheap boarding houses for visitor with limited budget, restaurants, cafes, and many more; so, you don’t feel like you are in a place with nobody.

Although the destination is quite close to the central city like Ubud and Kuta, but visitors are still less likely to do hiking, because they though that the journey will be too though for them. It is true that hiking mount Agung in Bali is hard, because it needs at least one day to complete the journey. Actually, mount Agung is not the only one option that you can choose to go, because mount Batur can also a possible optional if you are not convince on your own physical strength. Nowadays, some people especially foreign visitors begin to come to Batur to hike the summit, because it gives them experience that cannot be found in Kuta and Ubud.

Mt Batur sunrise trek is currently in trend because people can see the sunrise surrounded by mountains as well as the sea scenery from afar. People choose to hike for sunrise because the weather at that time is not so hot compare to the afternoon, basically the weather is quite chill so you may need to prepare layers of cloth in advance to avoid getting cold. The distance from nearby village to the summit is around 2 hours climb, which is considered short compare to any other Vulcanic mountain in Indonesia. It is because you can do half of the journey with cars, on the last village on the mountain you can park your car and walk for around one to two hours; so you don’t really have to start your journey at the foot of the mountain.

Bali Trekking tour is available for both professional and beginners, those who have strength and physical fitness may likely to choose mount Agung which takes more than 7 hours to hike, so they can stay for a night in the summit and come back in early morning. However, those who have no experience in hiking may choose mount Batur which takes only two hours as more than half of the journey is done by driving.

You should remember that although Bali trekking to mount Batur itself need only two hours, but the time to reach Batur will be varied from where you are. Many tourist from Ubud and Kuta have to take two hours ride before they arrive in Batur, it is the reason why the journey for those who are not staying in Batur will start earlier than those whose accommodation is in nearby hotels in Batur. Usually visitors from Ubud and Kuta will be picked up from their hotel at midnight, and then the bus will start to pick other visitors from other hotel and then drive to the latest village in Batur. At there, they will wait for other participants before begin the hiking, because the tour should not be done by small group or individual unless you are guided by professional.

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To book Mount Batur guide is not a hard thing to do, all you need is to book the tour package that you like before the date. One of them is they not only prepare the guide who will guide you during the journey but they can also prepare the transportation which will pick you up from the hotel and drive you home after the trekking, prepare an accommodation in Batur if you need it as well as to book the activities that you want to enjoy on the local surrounding such as visiting Batur lake, doing water sport, and cycling around the village. Booking the tour package before you arrive is necessary, because sometimes the tour package is fully book. You can choose the type of tour that you like, the date, and other services that you want to add on your tour. All you need is to check on the website and ask the administrator if you want an explanation.

Since Bali hiking tour at mount Batur are both beginners and professionals, you don’t have reasons not to take your child and even your parents with you, because they will not be too exhausted to hike the mountain. However, if they prefer to stay in the village, they can still enjoy the scenery and local activities which are varied and well supervised by the local people. if you are lucky, you can participate in local ceremony in cleaning the mountain which is held two times a year. Their restaurants also a favorite among visitors, as they provide wide range of menus that fit to your taste, some local attraction such as painting, crafting, dancing and others are also available. It is a place where modernization and traditional meet together.



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