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Mount Batur Trekking Starting Point

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Mount Batur Trekking Starting Point

Do you looking information about where is the best place for starting Mount Batur trekking? Or may you also want to know about what time you must start from your hotel or the best time for starts to see sunrise?

Well, this blog will answer all the question above!

We are is locally from Kintamani and just live close by mount Batur and we already know well about Mount Batur trekking starting Point. Take the right trekking start point is success key for Mount Batur trekking, it is because if you take wrong route that will effect to your tour. For example if you take start from longer trek, you must take longer time to the main summit and it also sometime make too late for sunrise. By wrote this blog, we hope you can know a bit about the trekking point before you go, and if you book with us we are glad to give suggestion for your Mount Batur Sunrise trekking tour in Kintamani, Bali.

Best 3 Mount Batur Trekking Start Point
For do mount Batur trekking, there 3 main trekking starting point that usual people for their trekking tour. On every starting point also has different characteristic like: long hike of distance, different mount batur trekking difficulty and also different end of the peak. Following is full description about top 3 starting point of Mount Batur trekking:

1. Mount Batur Trekking Via Toya Bungkah Start Point
The starting point from toya Bungkah is the most popular for mount Batur trekking. This village located at east side foot of Mount Batur and very famous with Natural Hot Spring. Even most of people start fom here also combine their tour with Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking & Hot Spring. When you start your trek from here, it will take approximate 2 hours to main top of mount Batur with long of distance about 5.5 km up and class of difficulty level from this trekking starting point is easy to moderate. This hiking starting point is were we are the suggested  because from by do the trek from here is must easier than others trails.

2. Mount Batur Trekking Via Pura Jati Start Point
Pura Jati is the second popular trekking starting for mount Batur with class of hike is moderate to difficult. This place located at southeast foot of Mount Batur Kintamani, this trail is busies starting point because lot of group tour from Ubud start their trek from here. If you start from here, it will take 2 hours until the crater rim plus another 30 minute to reach the summit. Please note: the last 30 minute is very challenging and difficult cause you need to pass slippery lava rock sand, so you must be fit enough if decide to use this trekking route. The distance of trek including surrounding the main crater is 12 km up and down. If you want avoid from crowded conditions, start from here is not recommended.

3. Mount Batur Trekking Via Serongga Village
This trekking trail is the most less crowded starting point, but more far from your hotel if you stay in Ubud or Kuta. In fact, by start from here you have to wake up 30 minute earlier than other start point and also the road very difficult. The hiking distance from you start to the summit around 4 km, but if you want walk surrounding the main crater can be longer than from Toya Bungkah, it is around 11 Km up and down. The summit you will reach if start from this village will same as start from Toya Bungkah village. The hike difficulty level is moderate to difficult, it is one hour walk on the slippery volcanic lava sand, this may to be a big problem if you not fit enough. The best time start from Serongga village is between 3.30 am to 4 am and  you will arrive at the summit before sunrise.

Well that is a few information from us about Mount Batur trekking starting point. We hope this can be a guidelines to help you decided where you want start your hike, what time must there and  time estimate from starting point to the summit.


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