Mt. Batur Eruption

Mt. Batur Eruption

Mt. Batur Eruption

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Mt. Batur Eruption

If you visit Bali, then it will not be complete without visiting this beautiful mountain, Mt. Batur. After Mt Batur eruption, the peak of the volcano is visible just above the ocean. Despite being an active volcano, Mt. Batur becomes one of the most popular tourism sites for its beauty.

Marked by caldera, Mt Batur offers a breathtaking sight, in which the collapse top is surrounded by Lake Batur. This lake is located by the southeast wall of the inner side of caldera. Over there, you can take a boat to go around the lake while enjoying the beautiful view. In which the blue sky is spread across above you and the high mountain is sandwiched between other smaller hills and valleys.

Hike Mount Batur Alone isn’t Suggested

The moment Mt Batur eruption happened, Batur cone or the peak of Batur is reconstructed. In which the inner side of caldera is shifted up above the outer side of the rim. This stratovolcano eruption has produced many materials and vents. Which later on is then localized by the government to create a complex of tourism destination site. It’s such as Batur I, Batur II and Batur III that are centered along the summit ridge and its crater. Even the mountain is now tame and safe enough to travel around.  It is not suggested for you to hike the mountain all alone. It will be better if you are hiring a local travel guide, such as Bagus Bali Sunrise.

Bagus Bali Sunrise will be the perfect partner for you to explore Mt. Batur. The reasons is because our staffs are those of professional travel guides who have been doing the business for many years. The history of Mt Batur eruption explains everything. Since the mountain is now characterized from mild to moderate explosions, even sometimes is followed by lava emissions.

Sometimes, the locals who live there might take some benefits from a tourist. That many fall into tourist traps, such as buying expensive souvenirs or getting lost due to the wrong selection of treks. However, all of this problems will be handled well if you hike with us. This is  because most of our staffs are the experts in this field and trilingual speakers. In which they are able to communicate fluently in English, Indonesian and Balinese. Rest assured, our team will take a good care of you to make the trip memorable and wonderful.

Aside that, when you are a solo traveler and by all means is not an expert in mountain climbing. It will be hard for you to determine when will Mt Batur eruption happen. Of course you do not want to waste your time, effort and money to go there at the wrong time, right? Not only that, the trek of the mount Batur hiking routes can be quite challenging that having some people to assist you will always be beneficial. Especially the people like our staffs, which are well trained adventurers.

If you are interested in seeing the beauty of Mt Batur eruption ruins all alone, you will have to walk along the quite slippery slope, wherein you might stumble and get hurt. In addition, the route to go up to the peak might take around 2 hours. During this span of time, you might lose your focus as the loneliness eats you away. However, our staffs are all very considerate and outgoing. So we will be able to blend easily with you to provide the best services. It will save you the the risks of having to come back home with bruises and sore limbs. For our team is trained to put your safety as the first priority.

Right from early in the morning to do mt Batur sunrise tour, you will be picked up at the place you are staying. We will also provide the breakfast before traveling to see the ancient Mt Batur eruption. Usually, we will offer light meals, such as sandwiches or toasts and hot drinks. This is to pump you up with burst of energies yet to give your stomach some space before the long hike. Only after we have arrived at the top, we will consume something more fulfilling. It such as eggs and other delicious local food.

What can be more amazing then having your breakfast at the open, where you can take a deep breath and see the beautiful sceneries of the remnants of Mt Batur eruption and the lake down below? It will feel as if you are having a holiday in the city of clouds, as the sky looks so much closer to you, the orange and pinkish hue paint the whole sky when the sun rises.

What is good about our Bali Sunrise Trekking and tours company is we offer flexible tours and fast responses, regardless the time. You can send in the inquiries or book any kind of packages whenever you like it, and we shall respond by the other minute. The reservation can also be done through WhatsApp, especially if you have many questions to ask. In addition, you can plan your trip to see  Mt Batur eruption with our advisors, in which you can request and personalize the trip to fit your needs.

You can also ask to stop by on the points you desire during the trip, maybe for a short break to catch your breaths or to admire the beauty and immortalize it through pictures, our staffs will be more than glad to help, free of fuss. Still not convinced? Go contact our tour guides and ask around freely!

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