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Your Bali Trekking Tour

Your Bali Trekking Tour

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Your Bali Trekking Tour

There are a lot of great places you can visit in Bali. Each of the places has interesting attractions to enjoy. For example, you can visit the nature places such as a mountain and waterfall in Bali. Trekking is the best way to enjoy those places effectively. Instead of doing the trekking alone, you can join a service which offers a trekking tour. We are a great service for your Bali trekking tour. We guide you to explore amazing places in Bali. The list of the places which included in the Bali trekking tour is stated below.

Sekumpul Bali Jungle Trekking Tour

Do you love to explore jungles? If it is so, Sekumpul Bali Waterfall Jungle trekking tour is a good option for your bali trekking tour. This trekking tour leads you to the most beautiful waterfall in Bali namely Sekumpul Waterfall. Just imagine that you are not only enjoying one waterfall but you can also see up to 5 waterfalls there. We have a professional tour guide for you and they are ready to show you the best trekking route to get in the waterfall and jungle.

You are about to walk through Sekumpul Village and a jungle surrounded by hills, palm trees, and shady trees. The most interesting and challenging is when you have to pass through the hundreds of stairs before achieving the waterfall.

Mount Abang Bali Trekking Tour

For those who love to see the remarkable scenery from the top of the mountain, it is great to choose Mount Abang Bali trekking tour for your Bali trekking tour. The best part of exploring this mountain is because you are about to visit the highest peak of Mount Batur caldera. Just be ready because you have to spend around 2 hours and 30 minutes trekking before achieving the peak of the mountain. While trekking you can enjoy the beauty and freshness of the tropical forest there.

The route is also challenging with the combination of flat road and uphill and slippery track. You don’t need to worry about it because you will be accompanied by our professional and experienced tour guide. They know what you have to do before, during, and when you are achieving the peak of the Mount Abang. In the end, you can enjoy the amazing scenery of the highest mountain in Bali.

Batur Caldera Trekking Tour

Do you want to spend more time in Bali and see the spectacular nightlife there? How about joining our Batur Caldera tour for your Bali trekking tour? Our professional and experienced tour guide leads you to a super cool trekking tour for 2 days. You will build a tent and camping at Batur Caldera located in Kintamani. Here, you feel the comfortable and quiet atmosphere along with the most beautiful night scenery. The main attraction is watching the sunrise at Batur Caldera. While spending time in this location, you can enjoy the beauty of the sea, Lake Batur Bali, Mount Agung, Mount Batur, and Mount Rinjani. What a complete thing to enjoy your special holiday, right?

Mount Batur Trekking Tour

How about if you have difficulty to wake up in the morning? You don’t need to worry because you will not lose the excitement of Bali. We suggest you join our Mount Batur Trekking and hot spring tour for your Bali trekking tour plan. Even if you can’t see the outstanding sunrise, you still get the amazing panorama from the peak of Mount Batur. We want to make your trekking special so you will enjoy the panorama while enjoying delicious banana sandwich and egg. The most special is that the food cooked on the lava rock volcanic steam. Our tour guide also leads you to the natural hot springs and coffee plantation.

Mount Agung Sunrise Trekking Tour

Mount Agung sunrise trekking tour is a great option for your Bali trekking tour, especially if you love to wake up in the morning. You have a great time to capture the beauty of the sunrise from the peak of Mount Agung. You will be proud because you are visiting the highest mountain in Bali. Indeed, we will guide you to the peak of the Mount Agung comfortably and from the safest route. We also give you our best itinerary trekking tour so you don’t miss the best attraction at Mount Agung. In the end, you can share your great experience with your friends and let them curious about your trekking tour.

Mount Batur Sunset Trekking Tour

We want to serve you for the best based on your condition. If it is hard for you to catch up on the sunrise, we suggest you take our Mount Batur sunset tour for your Bali trekking tour. Of course, the main attraction is the spectacular sunset at the peak of Mount Batur. This trekking tour is considered as our most popular trekking tour in Bali, especially for those who love climbing. Just take your time to enjoy and capture the best spots and moments at the peak of Mount Batur to share with friends and family. Definitely, they want to go to Bali after you share the photos and videos with them.

We have a lot of packages which meet your Bali trekking tour plan. Just take one of the packages and let us guide you to see the paradise of Bali which you might not see before. We will serve you with the best services and facilities and you just need to focus on the trekking and enjoying the surrounding. So, which one of the best trekking tour package for your Bali trekking tour? Let us know and get ready for the wonderful exploration!

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